Sarah Huckabee Sanders Admits She Is Having A Hard Time Finding Work

It was revealed back in June that Sarah Huckabee Sanders would be leaving her Press Secretary position by the end of the year and currently — she has less than two days to pack up all of her stuff and leave.

But she is still around and has yet to release a statement or make a formal indication of when she will stop doing her current job.

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And now it all makes sense as to why Sanders is still around the White House — why exactly you ask? Because she has yet to find something else.

When she was reached out to in regards to rumors of her exit, Yahoo News said Sanders claimed to be “traveling.”

Raj Shah, Deputy Press Secretary, was also supposed to be out of the White House by the end of the year but also has been vague about what the future holds for him.

It should be noted, however that his job title has since been changed to “communications adviser.”

It is a bit surprising that the two are having trouble finding work as the Trump administration claims that unemployment rates have spiraled down under Trump — thanks to the many jobs that have evolved from the post-recession economy.

And while no one seems quite sure what exactly these two have been doing as of late — it is definitely not been their jobs.

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White House journalists have become more agitated due to the lack of briefings from both Sanders and Shah.

The role of the press secretary is to give daily briefings on the activity of the president as well as his administration — and it has been like this for decades.

But in the past few months, both parties offered up measly, monthly 15-minute briefings that usually end up in Sanders walking away while more questions are left unanswered.

And as you can imagine, most folks are finding it hard to wish Sanders good luck on her recent struggles…

People flocked to Twitter to chime in to give Sanders a few tips…

“With unemployment at an all-time low, hearing that Sarah Sanders is having trouble finding a new job is sweet Karma music to my ears. It’s ALMOST as good as the idea of trump & his crooked minions unable to find work outside of prison. ALMOST.”

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“I’ve been wondering why Sanders hasn’t left yet. Now we know. Thoughts and prayers, Sarah. Whomp mother-effing whomp.”

“Cry me a river…Cry me a restaurant reservation…..”

“WUT?! Are you telling me there’s no demand for professional liars with the personality of a dead flea outside of Planet Trump?”

“The devil may be hiring. Does she play the fiddle?”

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“I guess employers don’t like people who lie for a living on a daily basis-in public and on the record. Daddy will make sure she’s all right.”

“May she never work again. Start a podcast, Sarah.”

“Walmart is probably doing inventory..”

“You would think Fox news would have snapped Sanders up. Liar that she is she will fit right in.”

Well Sarah, you can’t say you didn’t get a slew of suggestions.

My personal recommendation? Start learning the fiddle.

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