Woman Finds Snake Hiding In Her Boot

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It’s almost time to break out your winter boots, and when you do, you might find that an animal wanted to stay warm in the chilly weather as well.

Someone from Snake Catchers Adelaide posted a picture of a snake found in an Ugg boot on their Facebook page Wednesday.

Image via Facebook

The post reads:

“It’s chilly enough for ugg boots today’ thinks this eastern brown snake….A resident from Moana walked outside and saw the tail of something brown go into her ugg boot, looks snuggly in there doesn’t he…”

The snake catchers helped remove a eastern brown snake from the wool-lined footwear belonging to a woman in Australia.

By the way, this snake has deadly venom.

On that note, be sure to look inside your boots before sliding them on — you never know what could be lurking within.

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