After Huge Horse Makes A Wrong Move, She Gets Stuck In A Swimming Pool

While a man was busy around his home on New Years Eve in Kent, England, when he looked out his window — he was very surprised to say the least.

What did he see exactly?

A horse stuck in his swimming pool.

And no, that is not a Dr. Seuss book.

The man was, to be expected, concerned that she may have been there for the entirety of the night and made a call to the RSPCA to help her out.

Image via RSPCA

Rosie Russon, an inspector, along with Brian Milligan, an animal collection officer, quickly came out to the man’s house to view the situation.

And while they knew what information they had heard on the phone, they were no prepared to see a massive horse trotting along in a backyard swimming pool.

“She was clearly very cold,” Russon shared in press release. “The water was only around 1 [meter] deep so although it came only up to her stomach, she wasn’t able to get out of the pool on her own — and I was concerned about her getting hypothermia.”

But both Russon and Milligan did not have any equipment that would help them get the horse out of the pool — and so they phoned the Kent Fire & Rescue Service for a few more hands on deck.

Image via RSPCA

After assessing the situation themselves, the firefighters were able to secure some straps around the horse …

After the firefighters showed, they were able to asses the situation themselves and strap the horse before attaching her to a crane and slowly lifting her out of the pool over the grass.

Her rescuers decided to the name the sweet beast Ellie.

This name was chosen from the Paralympic swimming champion Ellie Simmonds.

Ellie was then taken to the vet and checked out at once.

It was found that Ellie was 4-years-old and she had a microchip.

Image via RSPCA

But unfortunately, the microchip was not registered — which meant that there was no possible way to track down where her home was.

“She has some minor injuries to her legs where she fell through the pool lining and hit the bottom but, other than that, she’s been very lucky,” Russon said. 

Currently, Ellie resides with the RSPCA in a private boarding establishment.

She will stay here until she both healed and recovered from her swimming pool incident.

And if no one comes forward to claim Ellie, rescuers will start making a search for her forever home once she is back to her normal self and strength.

Image via RSPCA

Her rescuers believe that it is very likely that Ellie became lost somehow and fell into a swimming pool while she was wandering around alone in the dark.

Thankfully, Ellie was found by the right folks at just the right time.

And until she goes home, she will be taken care of with lots of love, food and shelter….

Let us hope that there are no swimming pools as part of recreation time at the shelter!

If you would like to help other animals like Ellie in need, you can give a donation to the RSPCA here.

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