Woman Finds Lost Wedding Ring In Wreckage Of Home Burnt Down In California Wild Fire

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One California woman recently learned that what rises from the ashes can be truly incredible.

The raging Thomas Fire forced residents of Ventura, California, to flee their homes in search of safety in December 2017.

Over 278,000 acres were ravaged by the fire between Dec. 4 and Dec. 21, and over 40 lives were lost in total, according to the LA Times.

A Redditor by the username vBlitz, who lives across the country, said his family was able to safely evacuate their home before it was ultimately consumed by the massive blaze.

The family lost everything in the fire— or so they thought until recently.

On Tuesday, vBlitz took to the website to share that, amid the cleanup, his mother stumbled upon her scorched wedding ring, which she thought had been lost forever in the ashes of what was once their home.

Image via Reddit/vBlitz

Thanks to a kind family friend, who happens to be a jeweler, the ring has been polished and looks almost as good as new.

Image via Reddit/vBlitz

As the text in the photo above mentions, the diamonds did go through some minor changes from the fire, but the ring still looks as lovely as ever.

At this time, the family will be living in a temporary home as they rebuild their permanent residence.

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