When This Squirrel Duels Local Police, Things Get Dicey

One Illinois police department has their hands full after officers were met with one bold perp — and the result?

Let’s just say, things got a little….nuts.

A local squirrel (unnamed due to privacy standards) who resides in the trees just in front of the McHenry Police Department, decided to make an entrance of sorts and break into the front lobby of the department.

Image via NPS

And by the sound of it, he has been planning on casing the joint for a while.

“The squirrel is ALWAYS hanging around,” a police spokesperson shared with The Dodo. “He’s pretty fearless. When one of our officers went to leave the station, the squirrel scared him.”

And due to the layout of the lobby area, paired with the fact that both opening the inner and/or outer doors triggers the opposite to open — getting the squirrel to get out was not easy task.

But it did make for some killer content.

As you can observe with your own two eyes, the squirrel put up a fight and everyone was on their toes.

Literally and figuratively.

But thankfully the squirrel decided he had enough sabotaging for one day and left.

But not before scaring off one officer…

“He made it out just fine. One of the outside doors was propped open and he made his way out. Unfortunately, we didn’t get it on camera,” the spokesperson said. “Our dispatcher, who was recording, cut it short due to fear.”

And naturally so.

The Facebook footage has since been the hottest new crime locals are discussing with over 1M views.

…and so the duel begins

Image via Facebook

Under the video, the police department captioned the wild-squirrel chase with the following:

“In 2019 we’re upping our training game. This video is a test of our officer’s ability to handle disorderly subjects who come in to the police department. We were inspired by Rocky chasing a chicken, because ‘if you can catch a chicken, you can catch greased lightning!’ – right?.

If you can handle a squirrel, you can handle, well, we don’t know, that’s why we’re training!

**Note, Mr. Squirrel made it out just fine and was not injured. Our officers on the other hand, they are seeking counseling.”

Additionally, the police department commented underneath the video:

“The officer isn’t standing on the chair because he was scared, BTW. It’s a police ‘tactical approach’….”

Sure buddy, and so is standing behind this door…

Image via Facebook

I am grateful to know that they are taking Mr. Squirrel’s actions seriously and making sure their own are in better head spaces after the sudden shake up.

And as for Mr.Squirrel?

We assume he is plotting his next attack.

If he only knew how famous he was….

“Now he’s a celeb!” the police spokesperson said.

And as you can imagine, folks loved the video, saying:

“You guys totally need to send this in to “America’s Funniest Videos”!!!”

“Couldn’t it be charged with unlawful entry as well?”

“I recommend adding a snake to go with the K-9 unit. A reptile may help in these situations….”

“I just about fell on the floor laughing. I needed a good laugh today. Thank you! Hope the officer will not suffer from PTSD due to the squirrel.”

Let’s just hope the officers have time to recover before Mr.Squirrel’s next surprise attack.

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