Hidden Amazon Prime Perks You Should Know About

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There’s no denying that Amazon may be one of the biggest online retailers in the world.

From trendy clothes to the hottest tech gadgets, the variety of items for sale on the popular site is unmatched. And in 2005, the site launched a membership subscription that gained immediate success.

Amazon Prime is the company’s most popular subscription service. The membership includes guaranteed two-day shipping and an “all you can order” deal — with an annual fee of $99. Since going public in 2005, the service currently has over 10 million members.

With all of the outlined perks the membership comes with, many don’t realize there are a few hidden ones, too.

If two-day shipping doesn’t suit your fancy, the membership also comes with free same-day and two-hour delivery. In order to qualify for these specific shipping deals, however, you must live in one of the participating cities. Additionally, you must order an item that has one of the two shipping options.

Another cool perk the membership offers is sharing your account with someone else. With this perk, you can allow another person to access your payment information in addition to your shipping and exclusive brand benefits.

Prime pantry can also be a useful perk. This benefit allows you to order food in bulk and get it all delivered right to your doorstep. As long as you opt for no-rush shipping, you can essentially order whatever products you want at no additional shipping cost.

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