Kate Middleton Reveals Secret To Her Fit Physique

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A professor in India just did something most would never dare to do.

The Duchess of Cambridge was at a tea party to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday in Delhi when BulBul Dhar-James built up the courage to ask the one question many are dying to know: “How do you lose all the weight after having two kids?”

According to Daily Mail, the 34-year-old duchess replied: “I am running after my kids!”

Yes, you heard it right. The gorgeous royal doesn’t have a grueling exercise regime or extreme diet — she simply chases after her two adorable children, George and Charlotte.

If only we were all that lucky!

According to attendees at the grand soiree, Princess Kate was a vision in a nude and black Alice Temperley crop top and skirt outfit. She completed the elegant look with chandelier earrings and a simple black clutch.

Earlier in the day, she had a hilarious Marilyn Monroe moment after a gust of wind caused her stunning white Emilia Wickstead dress to fly up. Of course, she handled the situation with grace, grabbing the edges of the crisp frock right away.

The royal couple is in the midst of a glamorous tour through India, and you better believe Kate has dressed to the nines.

She stepped out wearing a number of colorful outfits this past week – including a vibrant red two-piece Alexander McQueen suit with peplum detailing we are currently obsessed with.

It’s safe to say we are all eagerly waiting to see what couture number she’ll wear next!

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