McDonald’s Forced To Shut Down After Man Brings Dead Raccoon Into Restaurant


After a man carried a dead raccoon that was covered in blood, a San Francisco McDonald’s was forced to temporarily shut down.

A fellow customer posted the bizarre video to Facebook on Sunday morning that shows footage of the man (who is presumed to be mentally ill) carrying around the dead animal.

As he does this, he begs for help — according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“The guy came in screaming, ‘Help, help, help!’” said a restaurant regular, Chris Brooks. “He came to the counter, and I thought it was a dog at first. The employees told him to leave, and he went and sat down with it.

Image via Facebook

The footage shows the man get up from his table and walk around the restaurant, leaving the dead raccoon to lye on the table.

“There was blood on the table and blood on the floor and, with people walking around, you could see them tracking the blood around,” he continued.

Brooks, 54, shared with the newspaper how homeless folks frequent the McDonald’s to get out from the cold.

He also shared how there were close to two dozen customers in the restaurant when the man brought the deceased animal inside.

The police responded to the incident at 7 a.m. while a department spokesman reported how the man was evaluated for mental health but did not meet the criteria for psychiatric detention.

Image via Facebook

There were no further details regarding the man’s living situation that officers were able to provide.

McDonald’s shared how their restaurant was closed for close to two hours while employees sanitized the entire dining area.

Later that afternoon, the health department cleared the business for full operations.

The video has been viewed over 210K times and has been shared over 5K times.

And as you can imagine, folks were taken aback by the footage, saying:

“Welp I’m never eating out of there again.”

“Maybe he forgot to take it to the back door of the kitchen like he usually does! McCoon burgers for everyone! We’ve been exposed!!”

“That man did that on purpose…He probably wants to go to the Hospital and get him some rest and food for a few days…”


Image via Facebook

The homeless population is one that is littered with challenges as most have severe mental illness.

And while treatment is vital for these folks, providers have a difficult time figuring out exactly how to coordinate care for not just homeless people’s mental health, but also their living situation.

Communities can do a few things to help serve these in-need individuals by doing the following:

Prioritizing the Housing First Model is a huge step in helping the homeless. According to Bitfocus, permanent supportive housing (PSH) should be provided to the homeless mentally ill and immediately — giving the folks a sense of solace and security prior to administering mental health services.

Image via flickr

The second task communities can work towards in helping the homeless is to enhance permanent supportive housing, as this combined with treatment, education and employment opportunities along with peer support has been shown to help the homeless recover successfully.

If you would like to learn more on how you can help the homeless, click here.

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