People Are Paying This Woman To Make An Uncanny Appearance At Their Funerals And The Internet Can’t Handle It

Funerals aren’t exactly a party.

And usually, most folks tend to not deal with death lightly and have trouble finding the silver lining in passing on to the next life.

But a select few understand that a sense of humor is sometimes the best way to deal with loss.

Dana Schwartz, an author and journalist, recently tweeted out about making an appearance at stranger’s funerals to convince their families to believe they had a secret double life.

Image via Twitter

Schwartz, 26, shared with her followers, how in exchange for $50 — she would show up at funerals with a black umbrella to convince people that they died with a type of secret.

“If you pay me $50 I’ll show up to your funeral but stand really far away, holding a black umbrella regardless of the weather, so that people think you died with a dark and interesting secret.”

The tweet now has over 470K likes as well as 93K retweets.

She even shared her Venmo information with more information to her followers.

Schwartz also said that for her appearance, there must be a printed obituary.

“My venmo is dana-schwartz-11 I will need the money deposited in advanced, and your obituary will need to be published in a newspaper so I can write a code on the back and leave it at your grave for someone to find. the code will be nonsense.”

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And it was not very long before Twitter responded and the comments were hilarious

“I’ll give you $75 if when the casket is going down you walk over and place a small box on top and say only loud enough for a few people to hear “if they only knew.”

“Or how about as the burial ends, taking out your phone, ringing someone and just saying “it’s done” before pausing & hanging up, then just turning and walking away?”

“How much to arrange for a solemn child to hold your hand at the same time?”

Image via flickr

“Can you disguise yourself as me and smoke a cigarette as you stand a row or 2 away from my funeral while you look at it go on so people think I faxed my death.”

“If I double it, will you tell people I was a traveler from the future and you were my handler?”

“I need another 1000 bucks to find someone who could create an artificial rain of sorts to make it more intriguing.”

“For €100, I would like a long stemmed red rose tossed into my open grave as you wipe a single tear away from under your huge black sunglasses. I already plan to do this at a certain man’s funeral.”

Image via flickr

“For an extra £50 please will you pick up a call and say, “yes, they believe it”, then leave inconspicuously in a chauffeur driven black car?”

“Can I be the guy by the black car wearing black leather gloves, sunglasses, and chewing gum, slowly? We might have a legit biz here!”

Dana then responded to all the comments with:

“people venmoing me: jokes on you, I’m actually coming to your funeral.”

So folks, if you are the planner type — you have Dana’s information.

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