After Checking Her Baby Monitor, Mom’s Heart Melts With What She Sees

Once his mother found out she was pregnant and her belly began to grow — Drake the cat was already thick as thieves with his sister to be.

Drake would rub up against his mother’s pregnant belly as well as sit his little sister’s bassinet .

And until the day finally arrived, Drake would nervously watch over his mother.

Six months ago, Alina was born.

Image via Cassie Carter

“Once she was born he was a bit unsure at first, but after a few weeks he decided he loved her and hasn’t looked back since,” Drake and Alina’s mom, Cassie Carter, shared with The Dodo. 

After Drake got used to the fact that there was a new family member onboard, he fell in love with Alina and decided to be around her all the time.

Drake adores watching over his new best friend, no matter where in the house she may be.

Whether Alina is prepping to leave the house, taking a bath, resting or just hanging out in her bed — Drake loves to be right beside her.

He especially loves to hang out in her bed.

And one day, Carter took notice that Alina was not the only one on the other end of the baby monitor.

Image via Cassie Carter

At times, she could only see the tips of Drake’s little ears popping up on the screen.

But once he realized that the monitor was there — well, let’s just say things got a WHOLE lot cuter if that is humanly possible.

“Drake just thought it was a new thing to sniff and check out,” Carter said. “Plus the green blinking light and the noises it makes are fun to experience, apparently. Lately he’s found out that I’m on the other side and I talk to him through the walkie-talkie function a lot.” 

Image via Cassie Carter

Now, Drake loves being with Alina in her bed always — and the baby monitor is the perfect way for their mom to check in on them to make sure they are both OK.

“Alina doesn’t really care that he’s in there,” Carter said. “She stays down one end and Drake has his blanket in his half. They both sleep so well in there. I find him in there daily, but he’s not allowed to sleep in there overnight.”

Image via Cassie Carter

If you are planning on having a new addition to your family and already own a cat, ASPCA has a few tips on how to make the transition, a seamless one.

While Drake and Alina became fast friends, some cats do not tolerate change well.

These types of cats are most likely to be affected by the new baby, so ASPCA recommends using the entire pregnancy to slowly prepare them.

They recommend playing either tapes of baby noises to help acclimate your cat to the sounds she is about to her, as well as rub baby lotion on your hands before engaging in an activity with your cat to associate positive associations with baby smells.

It is also helpful to set up nursery furniture as soon as possible, allowing your cat several weeks to investigate before deeming certain spaces off limits, like the changing table and crib.

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