Kim Kardashian West Reveals The Craziest Place She’s Had Sex

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Kim Kardashian West has never been one to hold back and, in the most recent live stream on her app, she continued her tendency towards total transparency.

While taking questions from her eager fans, Kardashian West didn’t disappoint, revealing whether or not she’s a member of the Mile High Club and divulging the “craziest” place she’s ever had sex.

In response to the first question, the 35-year-old mogul admitted to holding a membership, though with a technicality — she thinks.

“Yeah,” she admitted to the Mile High Club inquiry. “But, like, the private kind — I don’t think a public plane, like a commercial flight.”

Upon further thought, though, the reality TV star must have remembered some distant realized sexual fantasy with one of her past lovers, because she changed her answer.

“Actually, I think I am,” she said excitedly. “I think it was, like, an international night flight when no one is around. I’mdefinitely in the private Mile High Club, but does that count? I think it does!”

But Kimberly wasn’t done: She also revealed the “craziest place” she’s ever done the deed, and her answer was just as good as you could’ve imagined.

“In a movie theater,” she revealed with a giggle. “A public movie theater.”

And there you have it, folks!

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