Photo Of 9/11 Memorial Goes Viral When People Claim To See A ‘Ghostly Apparition’

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Richard McCormack, a man from Jersey City, was one of many people to capture the Tribute in Light at the World Trade Center.

But unlike the others, what McCormack saw on September 9 has people speculating about the supernatural.

At the top of the beam, there appears to be a silhouette. The photographer himself compared it to Jesus, while others have claimed it is an angel.

It looks like “a vision of the Lord (Jesus) with his arms folded,” McCormack told

He took the picture from the waterfront in Hoboken, N.J.

“Does look like someone is watching over us,” one commenter said.

McCormack added that while he took many photos, the ‘spirit’ only appeared in one.

Though some commenters have been skeptical, accusing McCormack of using photoshop (or even accusing the government of planting a hologram,) many say that this means the photographer is very special.

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