After Being Locked Out Of His Plane, Pilot Is Caught On Camera Climbing Through A Cockpit Window

We have all been there.

You know, the moment you realize how you locked yourself out of your house and/or car?

But have you ever locked yourself out of a plane?

We are guessing no, but that is exactly what one man errr pilot did.

After he had been locked out of the plane — the pilot decided to climb into the cockpit.

Oh, did we mention there is video footage of the incident?

Image via Twitter

We thought you would appreciate.

The unnamed pilot was captured on camera attempting to squeeze his way through the cockpit window to get into the aircraft.

The footage looks out onto Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport where the pilot can be seen in an awkward position with one leg through the open window while the rest of his body is outside the plane.

Talk about leg day!

The pilot did all this, whilst balancing himself on the plane as well as platform that he had used to climb up on.

Once the platform began to shake, he attempted to climb back inside.

You think they would have a machine for this?! Or maybe some smart technology that unlocks the plane from an app?! But apparently not because then another member of the crew pops up….

They too eventually made their way up to assist while he reached inside the cockpit window — it seems — to get the keys.

Image via Twitter

The footage was then posted to Twitter by someone who claimed to be a British Airways pilot under the username @JonnyPilot.

The caption read:

“When you’re running late for work and you forget your keys…”

The footage displays the pilot’s high-octane stunt which has been viewed over 12,000 times with an overwhelming amount of comments before being taken down.

One person inquired: “Excuse the maybe obvious question, but do aircraft have keys?”

Image via Twitter

While another said: “I’ll venture to say that’s only done when the bulletproof door gets locked, and you can’t remember the code.”

Along with: “That looks very uncomfortable.”

The news comes after pilots faced a huge backlash after attempting to perform the ‘Kiki Challenge’ right next to a moving plane.

A different pilot (not the same one who got locked out of his plane) in a video that had over 50,000 views can be seen pushing a lever before climbing out her cockpit and down the plane’s staircase.

She then joins a woman — allegedly, her flight attendant — on the ground and starts to dance alongside the plane as it moves forward.

Uhm, what!?

Folks had choice words for the two employees, saying:

“Thank god they didn’t do Kiki challenge while plane is in the air.”

“Brilliant, but they still hold their pilots license?”

The Kiki Challenge, which is also known as the #InMyFeelings challenge, usually involves people jumping out of their cars and dancing to the Drake song that started it all.

In case you were hiding under a rock, it was a massive viral dance trend that happened in 2018.

It was later revealed that the plane was in fact stationary and there were no passengers on the plane.

But you have admit, it’s still amazing.

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