After Employees In China Miss Their Annual Targets, Company Forces Them To Public Humiliation

Work is, well — just that. Work.

But what happens when the work doesn’t get done to your boss’s liking?

Repercussions, slaps on the wrists and possible termination could be likely.

But what if I told you one company decided to reprimand their employees in a unconventionally cruel way?

Earlier this week, workers from a company in Tengzhou were commanded to crawl through busy traffic.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Many onlookers were shocked to watch a long line of employees making their way down through the busy streets as cars drove right next to them.

Image via Weibo

All of the staff can be seen crawling in the video, according to, and all were women who worked for the company.

The company reportedly sells beauty products.

Workers can be seen being led down the street by a male employee who is carrying a huge red flag — allegedly with the name of the firm plastered on it.

Police eventually showed up after being informed of the incident — ordering the supervisor to stop the punishment and leaving him with a verbal warning.

Image via Weibo

The footage was discovered on the video streaming site, Weibo, and viewers were horrified with what they saw.

Commenters said:

“Employees are humans as well. To give them such a disrespectful punishment means the boss is not a sensible person.”

As well as:

“It’s the same for those employees too. How come they are still working in such a company?”

The company involved was reportedly ordered to halt business and carry out ‘self-reflection’ exercises.

I wonder if HR will be present for those…

Firms are forbidden from humiliating their staff in Chinese business law — and if they do, they could potentially pay out compensation to the worker.

It is a little alarming that the above had to be in writing, as if folks needed a reminder…

But according to the Mail, a few companies have been caught in the act of publicly shaming their staff — some employees even being forced to eat worms.

Can’t say I have ever had to deal with that ***cringe.***

Unfortunately, poor treatment of Chinese employees is an all too common issue.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Investigations by China Labor Watch as well as other nonprofits have exposed chilling work environments, including low wages, unpaid overtime, toxic materials as well as ensuing health problems, crowded on-site dorms and verbal (sometimes physical) abuse.

If you feel led to combat this, we have a few way you can help make a change.

Supporting either a missionary or a reputable nonprofit addressing labor conditions in China is an excellent way to lend a helping hand.

Using mobile apps such as Better World Shopper as well as Buycott can help with your shopping, lending you to be more informed with your purchases when deciding on certain brands to stick to, as well as avoid.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Another fantastic way you can help is to commit to making ethical purchases wherever you can. Fair trade is not only for accessories anymore.

You can also request your church or workplace to serve only fair-trade coffee.

These are all just a few things that could dramatically change another human being’s life across the world who is, just like you, trying to live their best life, the best they can.

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