Nurses Reveal Heartbreaking Things People Say Before They Die

Those who care for the terminally ill have recently revealed their patients heartbreaking words before the die — from their biggest fears and regrets — to their glimpses of heaven.

Nurses at Royal Stoke University Hospital in Stoke-On-Trent, Stafforshire, share how patients often ask to see their pet for the last time, while others ask for a cup of tea.

One nurse described how one unwell couple requested their beds be pushed together before they passed away, only 10 days of each other.

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Multiple patients’ final words include them stressing how life is too short and regretting they spent their hard-earned retirement in poor health.

Nurses added that it is possible to have a “good death,” and went onto share how others should not be afraid of passing on, in an online BBC clip titled “What do people say before they die.”

Dani Jervis shared: “We do get people that would like their favorite tipple,” the BBC reported.

“Tipple” is slang for alcohol.

Angela Beeson, a nurse, shared how the a fore mentioned unwell couple requested their beds together so they could lay next to each other, holding hands, while singing “Slow Boat To China,” together.

Ms. Jervis, in regards to feeling regret, shared:

“One person said life is too short, do the things that you want, do the things that make you happy.”

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Ms. Beeson added: “People will have worked really hard and found their retirement was spent in ill health, not doing the things they’d hoped to.”

The University of North Carolina’s research found that terminally ill as well as those on death row are more positive than might be expected, with a large amount calling on both family and religion to help ease the anxiety of their passing on.

“When we imagine our emotions as we approach death, we think mostly of sadness and terror,” said lead author, Kurt Gray shared.

“But it turns out, dying is less sad and terrifying – and happier – than you think.”

“In our imagination, dying is lonely and meaningless, but the final blog posts of terminally ill patients and the last words of death row inmates are filled with love, social connection and meaning.”

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The nurses encourage others to not be afraid of death — as some patients report seeing glimpses of heaven and describe it as being “wonderful.”

Ms. Beeson said that her aunt was “talking” to her deceased grandmother just moments before she died.

People should also openly discuss death they added as well as prepare in advance for the end of their lives.

Scientists have discovered that the human body understands when you are dead but the mind continues to work, according to the New York University Langone School of Medicine reported just last month.

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According to researchers, there has been evidence to show that someone who has died could quite possibly hear their own death being announced by doctors.

Death is defined as the heart stopping beating, however brain cells can continue to function for up to several hours.

Researches also say that performing CPR can help revive the patient, as increasing awareness just after passing boosts the brain’s blood supply.

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