After Drivers Come To A Stand Still In Traffic, They Quickly Discover The Majestic And Unexpected Cause

While traffic for most is an necessary evil, for drivers in South Africa this past week — the traffic was a sight to behold.

As cars were halted in Kruger National Park on a crowded roadway, four massive male lions appeared — and walked down the asphalt in the rain.

Image via Facebook

Talk about a Kodak moment!

Drivers were unable to move past the huge cats, making it out to be the most majestic traffic delay most likely, ever.

Thankfully the cats were all caught on camera.

While many would think this is a common sight to see in South Africa — what the drivers witnessed was actually amazing.

Image via Facebook

The beasts belong to a very tight-knit lion pride that is famous in Kruger known as the Mantimahle males.

Like most brothers as well as half-brothers and cousins, these lions have formed a coalition to fight off any other males competing for the love of lionesses in their territory.

As you can see in the video here, they are patrolling their land together to ensure that there are no unwelcome visitors come walking through.

Having the ability to bring an entire road full of cars to a stop is definitely a super power in and of itself.

Image via Facebook

And those who witnessed it won’t soon forget!

One commenter quipped:

“That’s what we called “kings parade.”

While another joked:

“Wow…they mean business…so behave drivers….you will get ticket…”

In Africa where lions are found, specifically in Mozambique, one of the world’s favorite cat is becoming more vulnerable.

Conservation groups in both East and southern Africa say that in the past three years, a staggeringly high amount of lions have been killed as well as mutilated for their claws and teeth.

Image via pixabay

This is most likely due to the demand in both China and Southeast Asia, where parts of the cat are mainly used for pendants and amulets.

“There’s just a growing awareness of the availability of lions parts in Africa and their potential to stand in as tiger parts,” says director of Cat Action Treasury, Kristin Nowell.

Cat Action Treasury is a U.S.-based organization that works towards conservation of big cats in their natural habitats across the globe.

Additionally, Nowell is also the coordinator of the “red list” for big cats with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which helps determine the conservation status of species.

“We’re quite concerned about the lion,” says Nowell, who contributed in a IUCN assessment of African lions in 2016, which noted them as “vulnerable.”

According to IUCN, wild lion populations across Africa have plummeted to 43 percent since 1993.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Both habitat loss as well as the reduction of lions’ wild prey by the bush meat trade are putting lions in dangerous positions with humans as well as their livestock.

Cats that target cattle usually become targets of retaliatory killings.

Currently, poaching for lions’ body parts is making the issue, worse.

Lion numbers are dwindling due to issues like habitat loss as well as poaching.

If you would like to help protect lions in the wild, you can make a donation here.

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