After Infant’s Mother Forces Him To Drink Vodka, She Leaves Baby At Home So She Can Party

In western Russia, one mother by the name of Nadezhda Yarych refused to to have her son admitted to the hospital after he was diagnosed with a viral infection and she forced him to take alcohol so he would fall asleep.

Yarych hails from the town of Shebekino in the Belgorod Oblast region of western Russia.

Pictured: Nadezhda Yarych
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Currently, she is being investigated by authorities for putting her 8-month-old son in danger.

The authorities believe the incident, which occurred on January 5, was caused due to the woman’s neglect and careless parenting.

After the infant started to become sick, Yarych allegedly took him to the hospital.

After his check-up was complete, doctors gave him the diagnosis of a viral infection. And while this is a common occurrence for the age bracket, if parents are not attentive, it can develop into a serious problem.

The doctors then recommended that Yarych admit her child to the hospital but she refused.

Yarych also (allegedly) visited the hospital with her infant son on four different occasions but rejected the doctors recommendation to admit the boy.

Yarych also reportedly did not want to spend her holidays taking care of her son and therefore force-fed him vodka to put him to sleep.

This way — he would not disrupt her holiday celebrations.

Pictured Nadezhda Yarychand Mikhail Yarych’s 8-month-old son

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“Sources close to the family told local media that Yarych did not want to spend the holiday period celebrations in [the] hospital with her baby.” The Sun reported.

It goes without saying but alcohol ingestion can produce dangerous side effects in babies. This includes difficulty breathing, flushed or pale skin, low blood sugar, vomiting, low blood pressure, fainting, low heart rates, confusion, seizures, comas, and possible death.

This is because children’s bodies absorb alcohol infinitely faster than adults’ bodies — which means even the smallest drop of alcohol can hurt their central nervous systems and possibly cause alcohol poisoning.

Unfortunately, in Russia — child abuse is very common and considered an acceptable form of parenting. While the country constantly struggles with population issues — children’s rights as well as protection are disregarded and difficult to manage without proper legislation.

The Russian constitution does technically provide for “the state protection of childhood,” but enforcement of the law is a different story — and this goes for child abuse as well.

Pictured: Nadezhda Yarych
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Yarych is thankfully under investigation but Russian police have yet to share any additional information in regards to the incident.

Sadly, the 8-month-old did not survive — and according to postmortem examination, it was revealed that the infant died due to a viral infection.

Due to refusing to admit her baby into the hospital and forcing him to consume alcohol, Yarych could face serious legal repercussions as “Russian courts often fail to initiate criminal proceedings when children are the victims of mistreatment of abuse.” according to The Moscow Times.

Additionally, police are investigating the little boy’s stepfather as well as Yarych’s husband, Mikhail Yarych, according to The Sun.

Pictured: Mikhail Yarych
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“Police started investigating Mikhail Yarych, who is the stepfather of the baby and reportedly was aware of the situation but did nothing to help the child,”

Currently, no arrests have been made.

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