After A Simple Post On Facebook, Family Adopts Stray Dog With Only Weeks To Live

One day while scrolling through Facebook, Courtney Thomsen stopped at one post that consisted of a fluffy white face and sweet, desperate-for-love eyes.

“My friend Konnie had shared a post from The Humane Society of Southeast Texas,” Thomsen shared with The Dodo.

“The post said he was terminal, and they were looking for a special family to take him in for his remaining few weeks or months.”

Image via Courtney Thomsen

While Thomsen very well could have scrolled past the posting — she felt something special when she saw the dog’s face.

“When I saw his photo on Facebook, I already felt an intense urge to scoop him up, but after reading through several comments saying things like, ‘I wish I could take him!’ I knew I had to get him,” Thomsen shared. “I couldn’t stand the thought of him dying alone at the shelter and not knowing what it was like to be loved and be part of a real family.”

Thomsen then decided to cal the Humane Society and was met with alarming information.

Knowing nothing about the tiny, ill dog who was dumped at the shelter dirty, nameless and skinny — Thomsen was in for a surprise.

The paperwork regarding the pup’s conditions as well as number of medications he needed was overwhelming to say the least — but when the staff brought out the dog for a meet and greet, the family knew they had met someone special.

Image via Courtney Thomsen

“When we showed up, they said he didn’t really seem to respond to [his name],” Thomsen said. “My 5-year-old son immediately said, ‘We can name him Taco!’ An employee called him Taco, and he went straight to her! So he was immediately renamed Taco.”

But Taco was a bit anxious about the new living arrangement, with a hesitancy to trust.

“He seemed really worried and unsure at first, almost as if he thought we were just another stopping point, and not his forever family,” Thomsen shared. “He laid in one place all the time, and he just seemed really sick and depressed.”

And that is when Thomsen made the choice to do everything she could to help the sweet dog be more bold.

“I spent so much time loving on him, cuddling him, talking to him and just anything I could think of to make him feel better,” Thomsen shard. “Within a few days, Taco began to smile, and get excited about things. He started following me everywhere — so I started taking him everywhere.”

Image via Courtney Thomsen

Taco had not been potty trained prior, but after watching his new dog-siblings, he caught on quick! But it wasn’t just potty training he picked up on….

“He didn’t know how to sit when I first got him, but he saw the other dogs getting a treat for sitting, so of course Taco started sitting pretty quick,” Thomsen shared.

Image via Courtney Thomsen

And now, when it comes to love and attention — Taco is making up for lost time.

“He will love on anyone who will love on him back,” Thomsen shared. “When he wants to be pet (which is pretty much all the time), he will take his paw and rub his own head, then grab my hand to try to make me pet him.”

Taco may not have much time left due to advanced heartworm disease, as well as a long list of health issues. But thanks to Thomsen’s care — both Taco’s mood and health have improved, with the small dog gaining weight as well as confidence.

Image via Courtney Thomsen

And while it is hard for Thomsen to imagine losing Taco, she says that she would not trade their time together for anything, saying:

“I love waking up to him, and coming home to him and getting to see his precious little smile. I love when I get to be home all day and play with him and let him cruise in the car with me. I love that he follows me everywhere and looks to me for comfort. I love that I can tell he is happy just to be part of a family. I love that he actively tries to learn new things to impress me.”

“He’s taught me that everyone deserves a second chance in life,” Thomsen shared, “And it is amazing how much improvement can be made with some love and comfort.”

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