Viral Woman Who Hikes In Her Bikini Freezes To Death On Mountain

After climbing on a solo hike in Taiwan, a woman who is known for hiking mountains and taking photos at their summits in a bikini has frozen to death.

Gigi Wu, who is also known as Wu Chi-yun, started the hike about one week ago — starting from the Nantou County in Central Taiwan.

After the Gigi, 36, had reached Taiwan’s Yushan National Park — she made a distress call to her friend using a satellite phone on January 19.

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Over 24 hours later, Gigi was discovered by a search and rescue party inside the park but sadly, had not vital signs and was declared dead on January 21.

During the distress call, Gigi told her friend that she had fallen over 65 feet down a ravine in the national park.

Gigi requested her friend contact the Nantou fire service — stating how she was trapped at the bottom of the ravine and was not able to move due to the injuries sustained during the fall.

National Airborne Service Corps tried to send in rescue helicopters to the scene three times but due to poor weather conditions, the flights were grounded.

Image via AsiaWire

The decision was then made to have two different search and rescue parties
sent into the park, each consisting of three members.

28 hours later, Gigi’s body was discovered when the rescue teams found the location of her distress beacon.

Rescuers share how they are continuing to wait for weather conditions to improve so Gigi’s body can be airlifted out of the ravine.

The search party has since set up camp close to the site of the tragic incident.

Head of the Nantou County Fire Department’s Third Squadron, Commander Lin Chen-I, was able to learn more about the conditions faced by analyzing the altitude at which the beacon was activated.

In the middle of the night at 5, 577 feet about sea level — temperatures would have peaked at just 2°C.

Gigi was known for having a massive following on social media for her adventures.

She would frequently post pictures of her self dawning swimsuits while climbing Taiwan’s highest peaks.

Image via AsiaWire

The influencer revealed previously how she had spent 127 days hiking the last year — and if you do the math on that — it comes out to around a third of the year.

Gigi was always challenging herself to push her own limits and improve her skill set.

It was also reported how Gigi had suffered from a fall on a recent Christmas Eve hike.

She then posted a picture of her bruised legs after the fall — sharing how she was lucky to be alive.

If you are considering hiking alone, we have a few tips for you to stay safe while adventuring out.

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Be sure to pick a well-traveled, well marked trail. Picking a popular trail can ease your worry if something god forbid were to go wrong.

Another tip? Always, always, always, tell a trusted family member or friend where you hiking, for how long and when you expect to return. Bearfest Theory recommends investing in a SPOT Transformer to be extra safe — which is a device that allows you to send pre-determined messages to family and friends as well as send your exact GPS location should you need emergency responders.

And last but not least, know your limits, be prepared and trust your instincts!

It could be the difference between life and death.

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