As Deputy Stands In Rain To Pay Respects, Anonymous Man Keeps Her Dry

One anonymous, kind man in Birmingham, Alabama, is being noticed for his good works towards a member of law enforcement.

A deputy stood in front of an officer memorial, drenched, while saluting in the rain.

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But it was a good Samaritan that brought the deputy shelter from the storm.

Birmingham Sergeant Wytasha Carter’s life was taken in the line of duty on one early Sunday morning call.

The next Saturday, thousands showed their support.

But it is what many folks saw and captured during the procession that helped Deputy Tiffany Dial discover something she had been missing.

“It just restores your faith just a little bit,” said Dial.

Dial shares how she was standing on the sidewalk in front of a fallen law enforcement memorial.

And as she saluted Sergeant Carter in the pouring rain, she noticed how people were taking photos.

It was not until a while later she understood why.

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“I didn’t know (the good Samaritan) was there. My peripheral vision was cut off with my hat, so I didn’t know anything was there. I was in my moment, paying my respects to Sergeant Carter,” said Dial to WBMA.

The man did not say a word — not ever. And the deputy was not able to get the chance to either.

Those who were looking on said that he left after standing with her for more than 30 minutes and by the time she had turned around, he was gone.

But she wishes she had a chance.

“It meant a lot, in ways that you can’t even really put into words. It wasn’t just about keeping the rain off of me for that little bit, it meant a lot more than that,” said Dial

A witness, Meghan Blankenship, viewed the interaction and shared how the man’s kindness touched her.

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“It brought tears to my eyes,” Blackenship said, [for him] “to show that much respect and love for another individual.”

The photo garnered many to pay attention online and the WBMA posted to Facebook to find the anonymous man.

It was discovered that man was Shawn Allen — a deputy district attorney of the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office.

Allen shares how he was at work on Saturday, watching online for updates on the procession’s location.

“When it was going by my building at work, I wanted to go outside and pay my respect,” Allen said.

When he was outside, he saw Dial and said it was just a “nice thing,” to do.

“It was raining and I had an umbrella and she didn’t,” Allen said. “It was just a nice thing to do.

Sergeant Wytasha Carter, in an attempt to arrest two men who were breaking into vehicles at a bar on was shot and killed on January 13.

Image via Officer Down Memorial Page

He was 44 years old.

Sergeant Carter served as a U.S. Air Force veteran, serving with the Birmingham Police Department for over eight years.

He had previously served with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, Leeds Police Department, and Fairfield Police Department for over nine years.

He is survived by both his wife and two children.

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