Neighbors Drunkenly Block Woman’s Car With A Boulder But They Don’t Realize She Is A Geologist With A Savage Sense Of Humor

Pesky neighbors seem to be inevitable.

Be it loud singing at all hours of the night — to letting their dog poop in your yard — sometimes neighbors don’t always act like, well, neighbors.

In California, Melissa Scruggs understands the whole difficult neighbor issue.

Recently, her neighbors drunkenly left a huge boulder in front of Melissa’s car in an attempt to block her in.

Image via VolcanoDoc

Why you ask?

We will get to that part but the situation was a rocky one to say the least.

But what the neighbors didn’t realize?

Melissa is a geologist.

So rocks are sort of her specialty.

And with that being said, being a geologist has its perks.

“In which my a**hat neighbors decided to be complete drunken fecalwads by rolling a giant #sandstone boulder in front of my car, but forgot that I am a tiny #geologist who has access to a VERY loud auto-chipper at 7:30 am: a story in 4 pictures. #problemsolving #NowICanWrite”

And as to be expected — she destroyed the boulder like a bad a** KWEEN.

Image via VolcanoDoc

And it didn’t take long before the boulder was just a bunch of rubble which she generously swept over to her neighbors.

And while it was amazing — people reached out to ask why her neighbors did it in the first place.

One user asked:

“They got beef with you or what? I’ve never heard of somebody moving a rock in front of a random persons car just for kicks before.”

Image via VolcanoDoc

Melissa then shared how she routinely requested them to move their cars in the morning so she can leave for work.

“Sadly, yes. I am the evil lady who requests that if they have a party and people park in the driveway, that they move their cars by 7 am so I can get out. I’m a horrid ***. “

And It wasn’t very long before Melissa’s story went viral and she was more than happy to keep the world updated.

“WHOA I had no idea this was going to blow up so much!! I’m glad my fit of tiny red-headed rage made y’all’s day!”

“Update: All is quiet. Neighbors have deserted the premises. I am thoroughly enjoying a cup of tea.”

“Neighbor update: I have made eye contact with w/2 of the guys. One gave me a nod, and the other looked at me with wide eyes like I’m a madwoman. I’d like to think we have reached a mutual understanding.”

Image via VolcanoDoc

Melissa shared how it took her all of four hours to break down the boulder — paired with some easy listening to the blues while being filled with passive aggressive rage.

Oh, and she also took minimal breaks for the record.

She shared how the legal noise ordinance stops at 7 a.m. and was careful to make sure she stayed within the legal bounds.

People were amazed at Melissa’s tenacity, with folks saying they wished she would have drilled the rock earlier to wake up the neighbors while others said she was a “bad a**.”

One commenter even said how after reading the story, he wants his daughter to grow up to be a volcanologist.

Melissa, you are our hero.

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