This video brilliantly captures why road rage is a dumb idea

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Ah, traffic.

If you can drive, you’ve probably found yourself stuck in a jam more times than you can count.

Yes, we all know that traffic can be is extremely frustrating, especially if you happen to be on your way to somewhere important.

But somehow, it always seems that just when you’re nearing the end of your rope, an idiot in a Prius cuts you off, and that’s the end of that: You’ve lost your cool, your hand is glued to the horn and you feel like the only way to resolve your anger is with a right hook to the other guy’s jaw.

This, my friend, is called road rage.

And there are a number of valid reasons as to why you should refrain from fighting with drivers who wrong you on the road.

For starters, fighting strangers, no matter where you happen to be, puts you on the fast track to becoming a dead person.

Secondly, it’s a great way to get yourself arrested.

But a recent commercial supported by the Georgia State Patrol shows possibly the number one reason you should never, ever engage in an act of road rage: You have NO idea who’s waiting for you behind the other wheel.

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