Chihuahua Is Rescued By Construction Workers After Falling From Sky, Makes Miraculous Recovery

While working in Texas, a few construction workers were beginning their day when they suddenly heard what sounded like a small puppy crying.

They then quickly started to search the construction site for the source of the sound but were unsuccessful — until they realized the sound was coming from above in the sky.

What exactly was in the sky you ask?

A hawk, soaring in the sky with a small puppy clutched in its claws.

And once the workers discovered what was happening above them, the hawk let the puppy go — which sent him barrelling down to the ground.

The workers then quickly ran over to where the Chihuahua puppy had taken a fall, picked him up and took him to the nearest veterinary practice — hoping that he would be okay.

Image via Austin Animal Center

And as he was not micro-chipped and no one stepped forward to claim him — the puppy was then taken to Austin Animal Center (AAC).

When he first arrived at the shelter, everyone was in disbelief by the pup’s amazing story — and coined him the “Miracle Puppy.”

They gave him the nickname as the small pup had survived a huge fall — which was a miracle to say the least.

The small dog was only 6 weeks old and after everything he had been through — he just wanted love and attention from his newfound shelter family.

“When I met this little puppy not long after he came into our shelter, all he wanted was to be held,” communication and media manager for AAC, Jennifer Olohan, shared with The Dodo.

Image via Austin Animal Center

“He was hooked up to an IV to deliver fluids, but despite that he kept trying to walk to the front of his kennel to get to me. I snuggled him as much as I could, being careful of his IV. He’s really just a sweetheart!”

The shelter staff decided to officially name the puppy Tony Hawk.

And though Tony fell, he thankfully sustained just a few minor cuts on both his head and chest.

His rescuers were beyond happy when they discovered he was going to make a full recovery.

Image via Austin Animal Center

“Tony Hawk surprisingly sustained very minor injuries,” Olohan said. “He has some scabs on his head and shoulders from the hawk’s talons, but that’s it! No broken bones or internal injuries at all from the fall. It really is a miracle!” 

The staff is still not sure where exactly Tony came from.

But regardless, the shelter is over the moon that he is safe and sound — and most importantly, that he is doing better.

Currently, he is staying with a foster family until he is old enough to be neutered and after that happens — the shelter will help him find his forever family.

“At this point his foster has been swamped with adoption applications and has some really great candidates, so we’re not taking any more adoption applications for him at this time,” Olohan said.

Image via Austin Animal Center

While Tony had a rough beginning — his sweet nature has not been affected.

If you feel led to help other animals in need, you can donate to the Austin Animal Center here.

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