After eating 5 day old pasta, twenty-year-old dies

After consuming five day old pasta, a 20-year-old student from Belgium has tragically died.

Referred to as “Patient AJ,” the Brussels-based student was known to create big batches of pasta on a Sunday.

He then would divide the pasta into individual containers — which he would then consume throughout the week.

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And sometimes, AJ would leave a portion of his pasta out in the kitchen by accident, consuming it the following morning.

Allegedly, AJ had left pasta that had been sitting out in the kitchen for two days.

He usually would have just thrown it a way but his roommate assumed it had been left out for just a few hours, and he put the pasta in a container back in the fridge.

And by the time AJ reheated the pasta in the microwave, it was five days old.

He shared how he noticed an odd smell but assumed it was due to a new type of sauce he had used.

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After AJ had finished eating the pasta, he began to suffer from stomach pains, bloating, severe flatulence, vomiting and diarrhea.

Dr. Bernard, a licensed practitioner who examines bizarre medical cases on his YouTube channel, Chubbyemu, has recently done some investigation into the events prior to AJ’s death.

Dr. Bernard shared how AJ consumed a bottle of stomach medicine prior to going to bed in hopes that this would make him feel less sick.

But at 3 a.m. – AJ was throwing up again in the bathroom sink.

When his roommate, Bradley, discovered AJ lying on the bathroom floor with a “sickly green” shade discoloring the whites of his eyes and skin — Dr. Bernard suggested this was due to damage to the liver.

Bradley then called emergency services and AJ was taken to the hospital where it was discovered he was suffering from a low sugar presence in the blood, or hypoglycaemia.

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Dr. Bernard shared:

“Hypoglycaemia by itself is a relatively nonspecific problem. It means that you could have several different problems that could be causing it.”

“But given that the liver is the most immediate source of stored sugar, then this developing hypoglycaemia could give us a biochemical basis for explaining his fulminant liver failure.”

Dr. Bernard also shared how it was likely a metabolic problem which was developing inside AJ’s liver which led to the formation of fatty deposits which halt very important liver functions.

Dr. Bernard also shared:

“We can assume here that AJ’s food poisoning from rotten pasta is likely from some kind of bacterial, maybe fungal source, but something’s wrong.

“Typically, food poisoning just causes stomach inflammation, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. It doesn’t typically cause acute liver failure, and even worse, we can’t find out which bacteria is causing the problem because culturing it would take days.”

“Days that AJ doesn’t have because his liver is quickly shutting down.”

AJ was also found to have a limited response to antibiotics, along with liver enzymes found in his bloodstream which revealed how parts of his liver had begun to die.

Blood was also found in his urine, suggesting the start of kidney failure.

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And at the time, AJ was not able to get a liver transplant and the young man passed away.

AJ’s autopsy identified the spore forming bacteria as Bacillus Cereus.

This particular bacteria is known to cause gastritis, Dr. Bernard says, and those who are affected, recover.

But in AJ’s case — the protein known as cereulide — which can be produced by a few strains of Bacillus Cereus, was additionally detected.

Cereulide, which diffuses through cell membranes quite easily, produces an excess of potassium. This is an ion which can prove extremely toxic for the human body.

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According to Dr Bernard:

“Human intracellular fluid is potassium rich, meaning it gives this toxin sufficient resources to perform its ionophoresis, incessantly pumping potassium into the mitochondria.”

“This eventually overloads the ability of mitochondria to perform oxidation required to produce ATP for energy, therefore preventing the use of glucose and fats.”

Dr. Bernard also shared how the bottle of stomach medicine AJ consumed after eating the pasta resulted in a “dual blockade of ATP.”

What’s the moral of the story here?

Put your leftovers away and stat, people.

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