Man shows up to last day of work as Spider-Man after quitting job and it is everything

Ah, Spider-Man.

If he can’t do it, no one can.

And one anonymous former banker from São Paulo, Brazil, did just that — by paying homage to the famed super hero after showing up for his last day of work in a complete Spider-Man costume.

All hero’s don’t wear capes — but clearly they do dress up.

In a viral post from Imgur, user ksguile, the man who quit his job, decided he would go out with a bang.

Image via imgur / ksguile

And while the ex-banker worked in the analysis department where no customers could see him, the office was tickled with the site.

His colleagues appreciated the stunt and posted it to social media accordingly.

And what makes our new found hero even more amazing?

He passed out candy to everyone.

The internet responded with enthusiasm to this new Spider-Man, saying:

“Spider man spider man approves your loan like a spider can, no interest rate ain’t that great gotta go thank that spider man.”

Image via imgur / ksguile

“When they take away your internet access because you quit but you find other ways of being on the web.”

“Peter Parker Resume: freelance photographer, pizza delivery, degrees in mechanical engineering, physics, theoretical mathematics..”

“He got a new job as a web designer.”

“What are they going to do, fire him?”

“He could’ve spent his last day browsing the web.”

“With great power comes great customer service.”

To watch the video footage of the day, scroll on below.

And for those who have their last day at work coming up, we have a few tips for making a classy exit if dressing up isn’t exactly your thing.

The Job Network recommends that whatever you do, that you do not burn any bridges.

This means don’t say all the mean things you have been storing away deep inside you (even if they are well deserved.)

To leave your job with a head held high – filled with grace and poise, read on.

Write your boss a letter.

Even if you do not like your boss, it is always a good idea to write a thank you letter about what you have learned and how you have grown. And if you are not upset about leaving your position, offering to help in the transition of your replacement is always a good move.

Image via pxhere

Tie up any loose ends on projects.

Be sure to make sure no one is left hanging when you cut ties. Be sure to change your voicemail, set up an auto-response on your email and entrust your clients and colleagues with the most up-date information as well as how to contact you so their needs are met and projects continue to be completed.

Leave a stellar impression.

And last but not least, maybe bring in a special treat for your last day — go out on a high note if you have a solid relationship with your colleagues.

Be sure to keep things classy and avoid being too-honest in your departure or too-excited with your leaving.

And if none of these tips work for you, Amazon has a highly-reviewed Spider-Man suit for Prime members at a steal.

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