You can now rocket your loved one’s remains into space

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If you’ve ever dreamt of exploring the final frontier but lack the skills it takes to become a real astronaut, then you’re in luck.

Elysium Space, which describes itself as a “memorial spaceflight” company and is made up of ex-NASA personnel and funeral experts, has partnered with Elon Musk’s Space X to send portions of dead people’s cremated remains into orbit for the price of $2,490.

Considering it will cost America $81 million to send one living astronaut into space through Russia’s shuttle service in 2018, Elysium’s option is practically a bargain.

Here’s how it works: After you place an order, the San Francisco-based company will send you a kit with a tiny engraved box to place a small amount of your loved one’s ashes in, which you will then ship back to company headquarters.

Multiple boxes containing remains will be compiled in a space-ready container and placed in a capsule on Space X’s Falcon 9.

After blast off, you can track your loved one’s epic space journey through the company’s app over the course of Falcon 9’s two year expedition, which will end in a grand fashion.

“For about two years, our memorial spacecraft will respectfully and peacefully orbit the Earth,” Elysium Space CEO Thomas Civeit told CNBC.

“Eventually, in a last poetic moment, the spacecraft will harmlessly re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere, blazing as a shooting star.”

Ashes to ashes, stardust to stardust — how poetic!

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