Six-year-old dresses up as 100-year-old for her kindergarten’s 100th day party and it is everything you need today

After her father shared photos of his six-year-old looking like an wealthy, old lady from New York — the internet was impressed.

“My kid wanted to be 100 years old for her 100th day of kindergarten.” the dad said in a Reddit thread.

Image via LeCrushinator

The entire look was on point — with bold and gaudy jewelry paired with cat eye glasses as well as the ruffled socks and cozy cardigan to tie the whole ensemble together

“My wife and mother-in-law get the credit for this one, they did all the work.”

The “old lady look” also included bright blue eye shadow and rosy cheeks along with a colored “up-do.”

“She did attempt an old lady voice, it could use some work though.” the girl’s father commented.

Image via LeCrushinator

After posting his daughter’s photos to Reddit, it received a lot of attention in no time.

And the internet asked some important questions, like: “How many sugar packets does she have in her pocket?”

To which her father replied: “Some sugar packets, a couple of Werther’s Originals, and some of those strawberry candies that every old person keeps in their house.”

He continued, saying:

“My wife thought it was funny and asked me to post this, so here we are”

Image via LeCrushinator

Another person commented: “Soooo cute! How funny would it be if she ends up looking like this when she’s old?”

The dad replied: “Hopefully she’ll be taller.”

The six-year-old (minus the old-lady-vibe) looks like this in real life:

Image via LeCrushinator

“Her friends and teachers loved it, she got a lot of attention in class that day. The cafeteria ladies were obsessed with her, and her friends were all gathered around her first thing in the morning like she was a zoo exhibit.” her dad said.

Folks were over the moon about the idea, saying:

“Only a raspy voice and a cigarette away from Yetta Rosenberg haha! Well done!”

“That was the inspiration for the look of it.”

He then shared with Bored Panda:

“She does like costumes from time to time, especially for Halloween. This last Halloween she was a genie floating on a magic carpet.”

“The carpet was made to look like it was floating and look like she was sitting on it.”

“When she was 3, she decided on Princess Darth Vader and she wanted us to dress up like mommy Vader and daddy Vader for Halloween.”

Image via LeCrushinato

According to verywellfamily, preschoolers that dress up are not just doing it for fun — there is also a wealth of benefits behind the play-time activity.

When kids use their imaginations, they also flex their academic as well as emotional muscles.

Role-playing with others allows for children to take turns, cooperate as well as socialize.

And fun fact — children who allow their imaginations to run wild, eventually turn into amazing problem solvers as adults.

The reasoning behind this?

Creative thinking grows with use and practice.

And while rescuing a stuffed puppy from the top of the couch may not seem like an emergency to you, to your super-woman-darth-vader-kid, it is an issue that has to be figured out and fast.

Who knew that dressing up prepares you for the real world?

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