Couple pose with vasectomy appointment card, stating they do not want to “contaminate world with baby”

As the old saying goes: “First comes love, then comes marriage, then come a baby in a baby carriage.”

But what if you and your partner do not see children in your future?

One couple recently shared their unconventional stance with the world.

Image via Facebook

Nathalie Guzman and Andrés Flu recently announced to Facebook how they were never going to have children and even posted a picture of themselves with an appointment card for a vasectomy.

Along with the picture shared on Andrés’s Facebook page — the caption read:

“We want to share with you the great joy. WE WILL NEVER BE PARENTS.”

“We accept a life in which we will forever buy the toys for us, we can travel without limitations, walk naked around the house and more.”

Image via Facebook

“However our main reason is not this, the most important is to contribute with the conservation of the planet that is so overpopulated and damaged.”

“We will not bring one more human in to contaminate it. Whoo.”

Nathalie also added: “Guys, children are beautiful to me.”

“If I wasn’t affected by what I see every day, because sometimes it hurts me to breathe, to see so many children suffering in the street, so many drugs, violence and cruelty. Believe me, I would consider having one.”

And as you can imagine, folks were quick to pass their thoughts along to the enthusiastic couple. And while there were many haters, there were also quite a few who supported the couple’s very personal decision.

Image via Facebook

“Decisions must be respected, equal to those who want to have up to 5 children at this point of the game. I think that [our] generation must think of the world [and not] bring children to suffer and to spoil … having children is not an easy task and the one who wants to have them, do it. But [do it] with responsibility, [and do not let] employees or grandparents take care of them.”

“The truth [is] I agree with them and they were clear with their message… and also it is known that there are people with their double morals waiting to attack people [with] another lifestyle …. they are sensible people and aware of what is happening.”

“I think the description of the post was what offended people, beyond the decision … People can’t respect the lifestyles of others, without the need to point [it] out.”

Image via Facebook

While others shared their similar stories, saying:

“I already understand my dad’s face when I told him we didn’t want children. I think for him it’s something weird and hard to accept … I am the only one in a large family to wear the last name.”

“What a good decision, I also did the vasectomy, I don’t have children we agreed with my partner that we didn’t want to have them, I congratulate you, it’s a great decision.”

Regardless of where you stand in the debate, the consensus seems to be that the choice to have children or not to have children is a very personal decision between two partners and every decision, when it comes to personal health and well being — deserves respect.

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