Expert reveals Nancy Pelosi’s body language during State Of The Union Address commanded the room without her saying a word

During the State of the Union address on Tuesday, Pelosi was the picture of a class act.

She made power moves all night with her body without speaking — as her face, claps and more said everything that needed to be said.

And one of the most talked-about body language choices Pelosi made?

Reading through most of Trump’s address — which was most likely Pelosi ensuring Trump was staying on-script (which was also a power move.)

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Patti Wood, body language expert an author of Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language and Charisma said it was “an obvious, clear, and sustained nonverbal message of disbelief and disregard for the president.”

Wood continued, saying how it was an intelligent as well as clear cut move on Pelosi’s part.

“Reading notes is a tactic that I actually have coached speakers to do to hold in their nervousness and show their disinterest during debates, because it’s one of the only oddly politically correct ways of showing disrespect and disagreement,” she shared with Refinery29.

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Without saying a word — Pelosi asserted herself. Wearing a white suit in solidarity with women’s rights, she did not back down from the night.

And when Trump brought up how there are more women than men serving in Congress than ever before — Pelosi stood up and clapped in her colleagues’ direction, signaling to celebrate themselves by standing up, despite their opposition to Trump.

“Pelosi standing and palms-up gesturing for the women to rise again and take in the applause” Wood said was a gesture that captured her attention.

But Pelosi quickly went back to showing a very disapproving look as he brought up “NAFTA” to which, “She dramatically brought her head down in disbelief and displeasure,” said Wood.

The president also has a few, favorite power moves himself.

According to Allan and Barbara Pease, authors of The Definitive Book of Body Language, go on to describe that while Trump may not be blessed with using language correctly, he is a pro at making power moves with his physicality to assert dominance.

And while some of Trump’s body language may not be carried out with much thought — the same can be said about most of us.

But when we look at his along with other’s body language — it helps us gain perspective.

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One of Trump’s signature power moves is his handshake.

It is one of the most recognizable of his power moves – as a weak handshakes is said to transmit weak character, according to Peases’ book.

Another famous Trump’s power move?

“The steeple.”

The steeple is where “the fingers of one hand lightly press against those of the other hand to form a church steeple and will sometimes rock back and forth like a spider doing push-ups on a mirror,” according to the book.

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According to The Definitive Book of Body Language:

“We found that the steeple was frequently used in superior-subordinate interaction and that it indicates a confident or self-assured attitude. Superiors often use this gesture position when they give instructions or advice to subordinates, and it is particularly common among accountants, lawyers and managers. People who are confident, superior types often use this gesture and, by doing so, signal their confident attitude.”

So be it Trump, Pelosi or your family’s accountant — maybe we all can learn a few power moves to get what we want.

It’s worked for them so far!

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