During her mom and dad’s wedding, this little girl flips everyone off and it is amazing

One little girl decided to share a new trick just in time for her parents wedding day, which was flipping everyone off.

In November of 2018, Hannah Earley, 33, married Nathan Earley, 31, while Maddison, 3, decided to show her parents, friends and family the shocking new action she had learned.

“It was a beautiful day and I was so excited about the wedding. I’d hired a photographer to take some photos of everyone,” recalls Hannah.

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Hannah lives in a town on the Central Coast of New South Wales in Australia.

“At that point, we’d just had the ceremony, and then we decided to go off to the side to have some family photos taken. All of a sudden she just popped it up to show everyone. There were lots of people standing around watching her, so I think she just thought why not do it.”

“She had learned that little trick just a few days before but had no idea what it meant. But she knew that she would get a strong reaction from it.”

The new trick? Sticking her finger up.

Thankfully most thought the gesture was funny rather than offensive.

And of course, the little girl wasn’t really sure what she was doing in the first place.

“All my wedding guests who were watching us get the photos done started cracking up laughing. I’ll never forget it. She did it for nearly a month straight. It was funny but I’m glad she’s stopped doing it now.

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“It was really hard not to have a giggle, but I didn’t want her to think it was okay. I had to always turn away from her and laugh so she wouldn’t see me. Everyone thought it was hilarious. It is definitely something to remember.”

The photographer that they hired had actually deleted the photos but Hannah’s sister, Sharon, had also been taking photos at the time.

“She is such a character and is very outgoing. She makes me laugh every day,” said Hannah on the subject of her child. “It will be funny for all of us to look back on one day when she is older.”

There are usually two groups on wedding days — one couple who can’t wait to involve children on their big day — and the other couple who is nervous kids may disrupt things.

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And while neither group is wrong — Martha Stewart has few tips on what to do if you do or do not want to invite them to your wedding.

Deciding early on if you do want kids at your wedding is of the upmost importance. This allows parents to make other arrangements and avoid any awkward conversations prior to the big day.

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“It may be more of a challenge to restrict children during a daytime or casual wedding without people feeling offended,” says a San Francisco-based wedding designer and planner, Joyce Scardina Becker. 

The no-kids rule operates best when most families are local — meaning parents can leave their kids with familiar sitters for the whole day or drop them off between the ceremony and reception, shares wedding planner in Nashville, Karen Kaforey.

Still on the fence about inviting kiddos to the wedding? You can check out the complete list of tips, here.

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