Ex-Starbuck’s Barista admits you should only be ordering Venti-sized drinks


Most start the day with it and many can’t live without it.

And in a recently resurfaced 2017 Business Insider article — it has been revealed the secret behind hacking the Starbucks system.

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How exactly does one do this?

By ordering a Venti Iced drink.

But first, let us explain.

The ex-barista went onto share that while you may believe that a Venti Hot drink would have three shots of espresso as a Tall has one and a Grande has two — that is not the case.

A Venti latte, mocha, etc. actually comes with the same two shots of espresso as a Grande does.



I need a coffee and now.

Starbucks nutrition facts confirm that both a Grande caffe latte and a Venti one both come in at 150 milligrams of caffeine.

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But there are ways to get around this little issue…

“A Venti iced drink [which is 24 ounces] gets three shots,” the expert shared: “So next time, if you’re most concerned about a necessary java buzz, either order your Venti iced or ask for an extra shot.”

But if you think a venti is the biggest cup on the block at Starbucks — you are very wrong my friend.

There is actually a secret, off-the-menu size called the trenta — which holds 31 ounces of whatever your heart desires.

A standard bottle of wine is a little over 25 ounces — which by comparison, that is a lot of liquid!

Unfortunately, you can only order trenta for cold drinks — specifically iced teas, iced coffee, cold brew as well as Refreshers.

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Apparently, Starbucks used to sell trenta Frappuccinos but not any more.

It is speculated that this is due to the high sugar content.

For example — a 12 ounce tall “Unicorn” Frappuccino has 39 grams of sugar and 280 calories. If it were possible to order that as a trenta — the drink would contain over 1,000 calories and 100 grams of sugar.

But the trenta is not the only secret size Starbucks’s offers.

There is also the miniature “short,” which clocks in at 8 ounces.

The “short” was Starbuck’s original “small,” where Starbuck’s main sizes were short, tall and grande.

The Venti was not created until the late 1990s and the trenta til 2011.

So where exactly did all of Starbuck’s sizing come from?

It is alleged that Starbucks chairman and CEO Howard Schultz took a trip to Italy back in 1983 where he was “captivated by the romance of the Italian coffee bar,” the Starbucks website states.

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He adored it so much that he started his own coffee shop in the states called Il Giornale.

When it came to his shop, Schultz “wanted to convey a different image, something far more exotic than a simple cup of joe,” Karen Blumenthal, author of Grande Expectations. And “since the stores were designed around the concept of Italian coffee bars, [Schultz] wanted distinctive names” for the drinks to honor said heritage.

Eventually, Il Giornale expanded into the Starbucks franchise we know and love today.

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