After going out on their first date, couple purchases house just two weeks later

After one woman reunited with her school crush through a Facebook message after years apart — they not only bought a house just two weeks after their first date, but they also had three kids in only nine months.

One child was born in September of 2016, while twins followed in early June 2017.

Rachael Kirkwood, 34, and, Paddy, 35, met two decades ago in the corridors of the secondary school they both attended in Manchester.

As Rachael was very shy, she never worked up the courage to speak to now husband, Paddy, instead — admiring him from a distance and sending him anonymous Valentine’s Day cards every February 14th.

And as they both left school and started their lives, Rachael lived in New Zealand for two years and had a son, Oliver, who is now seven.

But in April of 2015 — her life was about to change when she sent Paddy a message on Facebook.

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Paddy also has a son from a previous relationship.

And after meeting for a first date around a week later — things moved fast, to say the least.

The pair decided to purchase a house just after two weeks together, they got engaged in July, married in December and had three babies in nine months.

Talk about crossing items off the bucket list!

The couple spent everyday together during the two weeks prior to buying a house. Paddy had mentioned casually how he was house hunting and suggested she join him for a viewing of the property — close to where she was living.

“He asked me what I thought of the place, and I told him I loved it. Then he turned to me and said, ‘I don’t want to get it unless you move in too.’ I thought, ‘Is he mad?’ It had only been two weeks. But part of me just knew it was right.” Rachael said.

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And while concerned friends and families believed her to be “nuts,” Rachael agreed and the couple set off for Madrid the following week to celebrate.

It was there they discovered the offer they had put in was accepted — which meant they could return to the UK to begin their new life, together.

And six weeks after that, Paddy had another important question for Rachael.

“He proposed to me in Paris. It was like something from a fairy tale,” she said. “People thought it was way too fast and told me it wouldn’t last, but I was sure we were meant to be together.”

Right before their trip to Paris, Rachael had found out she was pregnant — which meant she had went from single to engaged and expecting in just three months.

She was over the moon but unfortunately at 12 weeks, she went to the hospital feeling dizzy. And after doctors checked her out, scans revealed she was experiencing a molar pregnancy.

This happens when a lump of abnormal cells — rather than a healthy fetus — begin to grow inside the womb, which meant Rachael’s baby had to be removed.

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Rachael said looking back, she would have never been able to go through what she did without Paddy — who she married that December in Paris.

A month after their wedding in early 2016, the two became pregnant and had daughter, Mollie, who was born that September.

And just six weeks after having Mollie, Rachael became pregnant again with identical twins.

“We couldn’t believe it. We were basically doubling the size of the family,” she said. “At first, I was terrified about how we’d cope, but Paddy said it was like winning the lottery. I knew then that we’d get through it together.”

Born in early June of 2017, babies Niall and Luke were born — which meant Rachael had given birth three times in just nine months.

The children will all be in the same school year when it does come time for them to attend.

But the story doesn’t stop there.

Pictured: The couple’s twins, Niall and Luke Image via PA Real Life

Despite taking the contraceptive pill, Rachael added to her family once again, with baby Orla who was born in November 2018.

And while the Kirkwoods have one hectic life, it is a happy one!

Rachael has since set up a charity called Wish For A Wedding which helps give weddings to couples who deal with a terminal illness.

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