Terminally ill puppy gets over 200 hugs from strangers, checking off yet another item on his bucket list

After being taken in by a rescue in Washington when he was just a small puppy, rescuers soon realized that something was not right with a puppy named Logan’s heart.

It was soon found that the little pup had a serious heart defect. The German Shepherd’s condition was so severe that the rescue felt unequipped to handle it so they transferred him into the the care of Rescued Hearts Northwest — a rescue in Ferndale, Washington.

Image via Rescued Hearts Northwest

The rescue has an extensive background in dealing with pups with special medical needs.

After taking Logan to the vet for more exams and test, his initial diagnosis was confirmed.

And as the condition was so severe, Logan was only expected to live one month to a year.

“After his echocardiogram we had no hope to fix his two faulty cables,” Logan’s foster mom, Lindie Saenz, shared with The Dodo

And while his diagnosis was sad, Logan’s new found pals were determined to keep positive. They were able to put him in a foster home and his new family was so impressed with his playful attitude that they came up with a brilliant idea.

Image via Rescued Hearts Northwest

“My kids, they wanted to take Logan places before he passed away,” Saenz said. “Going to the beach, ice cream, cheeseburger, swimming, play in the snow, etc.” 

Logan’s foster siblings wanted to take him on as many adventures as possible and what started as a small list, began to grow!

Everywhere Logan’s family took him, people loved meeting the pup as he is such a social puppy.

And then, Logan’s foster family thought of what would be the best bucket list item of all time: getting Logan 100 hugs.

Image via Rescued Hearts Northwest

With the help of the rescue, Logan’s friends and family planned an event called Hugs for Logan and began advertising around the community.

They were shocked when over 200 people came to the event!

And while everyone on Logan’s team was brimming with happiness about how many people wanted to help make Logan’s life one filled with love — they also made sure he got lots of breaks and was not overwhelming him.

Image via Rescued Hearts Northwest

“They loved meeting him and you could feel it when they would hug him and wish him well,” Saenz said. 

The event was a success and inspired Logan’s foster family to continue to add items to his bucket list. And while they were determined to keep going until Logan’s final day, a doctor reach out and said he may be able to save Logan’s life.

Dr. Brian Scansen of Colorado State University (CSU) Veterinary Teaching Hospital reached out to Rescued Hearts Northwest to share how if they could get Logan to Colorado, he was confident that he could perform a surgery to fix Logan’s heart and save his life.

Image via Rescued Hearts Northwest

And naturally, everyone was ecstatic at this news — and rescuers began to raise money to fly Logan out to Colorado for the surgery.

And on January 31, Logan underwent surgery in Colorado — and while it did not go as planned, everyone at CSU is very positive Logan will beat this.

“Dr. Scansen found yet another abnormality in Logan’s heart and after four hours of trying he was not able to get the catheter/balloon in place to fix the defective valve,” Rescued Hearts Northwest posted on Facebook page.

Image via Rescued Hearts Northwest

“While this is disappointing for all of us including the wonderful staff at CSU there is still hope for Logan. This surgery to repair the pulmonary valve was just going to buy Logan some time until he can have the second surgery which is the open heart surgery. So now our job is to help Logan grow!” 

To undergo the second surgery, Logan needs to be at least 6 months old as he is now currently, 12 weeks old.

In the interim, his foster family is still giving him lots of love and taking him on many adventures.

“We are not giving up on Logan,” the rescue wrote. 

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