After she sees her seven-year-old student biking on highway, teacher helps save the boy’s father

One South Carolina, 7-year-old boy decided to trek 5 miles to save his dad when his former elementary teacher discovered him on a highway and decided to help.

Cameron Simoncic shared with a local TV station, WSPA, how he had come home from a day of second grade on Wednesday when he found his dad on the kitchen floor.

He was unconscious from diabetic shock and the little boy knew he needed to spring into action.

“My dad has diabetes,” the second-grader shared with the station, adding: “and whenever he has these episodes and whenever it happens, his brain can’t function.”

Cameron then went to dial 911 on his dad’s phone but said he was locked out of his dad’s cell.

He then tried to go over to the neighbors’ houses but no one was home.

“So I got on my bike and tried to ride to my grandma’s,” Cameron shared.

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As the boy was dodging cars on his 5-mile-ride to his grandmother’s house — his first-grade teacher, Keller Sutherland, had yet to recognized the familiar face before deciding that she needed to pull over.

“I just told my husband, I said, ‘There’s a small child on his bicycle riding down the road. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I feel like I need to just turn around and see what’s going on,’” Sutherland shared with WSPA.

She was surprised to see how the little boy was her former first-grade student.

Cameron then told the teacher what was happening at home and Sutherland helped him remain calm while another two other men pulled over and called 911.

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“The ambulance came, the firemen came,” Cameron said. “The firemen were really nice to me.”

The 7-year-old was thankfully able to provide directions to get Sutherland as well as the first responders to his dad’s house where his dad was given the injections he needed, according to WSPA.

It was a pack of crackers Sutherland had on hand that helped Cameron’s father come to and normalize his blood-sugar levels.

Sutherland had shared with a local network earlier in the day how she had been questioning her choice of career — but reported that the incident helped her rediscover her purpose.

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“There’s no doubt that God placed me where he did when he needed me,” she said.

If you believe someone is having a diabetic emergency — the first thing you can do is ask them if you can help according to InHomeCPR.

Also, ask if they are diabetic and ask if they are having a diabetic emergency.

Once the person has confirmed that they are having a diabetic emergency, give them something with sugar in it — preferably in liquid form.

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Be it juice, soda, or water mixed with sugar — do not give them diet soda as this does not have any sugar. And if you have no liquid form of sugar on hand, candy is always a good choice.

Low blood sugar – hypoglycemia – is frequently the cause of diabetic emergencies.

After said diabetic consumes sugar — their condition is supposed to improve but if it does not in five minutes, call 911.

If a diabetic person does become unconscious — do not attempt to put food or liquid in their mouth. Do call 911 and if you know CPR, check for breathing and take the appropriate steps with the conditions you find.

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