Don’t look down in this new 1,000 foot-high glass slide overlooking LA

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Remember sliding down the slide at the playground when you were a child, and the exhilaration you’d feel with the odd sensation of letting gravity carry you?

Time for a major adult upgrade, where this time, the city of Los Angeles is your playground.

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The West Coast’s tallest building, which scales a solid 72 stories overlooking Los Angeles, is about to get a major architectural upgrade—one that we sure hope doesn’t crack.

A 45-foot-long glass slide is being built on top of Los Angeles’ U.S. Bank Tower. The slide will go from the 70th to the 69th floors and is estimated to sit a mere 1,000 feet above ground.

Image via AP

The project, called Skyslide, is part of a $50M renovation to the building that’s set to also include a bar and observation deck located on the top stories of the building.

Visitors will be able to ride the slide for $8.

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