After consuming Aldi bread, factory worker fails drug test and gets fired

One man lost his job after a loaf of bread from Aldi made him fail a drug test.

Marcin Konieczny, 35, says he has never used an illegal substance.

Marcin does not smoke and rarely drinks but according to his drug test, traces still showed up in one of his samples.

The factory worker points the blame at a loaf of Aldi bread but despite Marcin’s case made to his bosses – they refused to listen to him and he was dismissed immediately.

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Determined to prove he was not at fault, Marcin started to research the topic and found significant evidence that failed tests can be linked to poppy seeds found on bread and buns.

The father of two who has lived in the UK for the past 14 years realized that he consistently consumes Aldi’s Honey Soaked Seeded Bloomer bread.

Marcin believing that the bread was the true cupric behind his failed test, he decided to bring a loaf to a private lab for testing.

He said:

“I started researching on the Internet and found stories of other people who tested positively for drugs after eating seeded bread.”

Image via Aldi

“My wife and I had just started changing our diet and eating more healthily. I had been eating the bread every day.”

Samples of the Aldi loaf came back with the exact results as Marcin’s drug test — a non negative: which meant that traces had been detected in the batch.

Looking back on the unfortunate incident, Marcin said:

“I’m absolutely devastated. I felt so powerless and discriminated against so badly.”

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“I was so shocked because I have never smoked, never taken drugs and very rarely drink wine.”

“I was forced to leave work straight away but I can’t drive so I had to wait around in the cold all day for a lift.”

After viewing the results of the test, the Cod Beck Blenders bosses — an animal feed firm — admitted there had been a mistake and allowed Marcin to return back to work.

A firm spokesperson shared:

“In the circumstances we would have no objection in principle to this temporary worker returning here.”

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“Our usual procedure in this situation is to suspend the person on full pay until the correct chain of custody drug test is complete, i.e. we send off to lab for verification.”

“In this particular case, the result came back positive but the lab said it was consistent with a dietary source, not medication or anything untoward.”

Although most opium is removed from the seeds during processing — it is universally known for poppy seeds to retain enough of the substance for it to be detected in the urine up to 48 hours after consuming.

“USADA cannot predict the amount of poppy seeds you can eat and remain below the testing threshold set by WADA.” the USADA website states.

“In most cases, consumption of poppy seeds in foods will not cause a positive doping test. However, it may be possible to exceed the morphine threshold by eating foods with poppy seeds and USADA can’t predict how long morphine or morphine metabolites from poppy seeds will stay in your system.”

…so maybe lay off the bread before heading into an interview?

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