Trump just used months-old footage claiming he has already started building border wall

President Trump announced through a series of tweets how work is being completed on the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

But there is one issue….

Trump used months-old footage of repairs on existing parts of the wall as evidence to his claims.

Image via YouTube

“We have just built this powerful Wall in New Mexico,” Trump tweeted this past Wednesday with a time-lapse video showing casing the wall construction at the border in New Mexico.

Trump then wrote how this particular portion of the wall had been completed on Jan. 30, “47 days ahead of schedule” as well as how “many miles more” were currently under construction.

And the very next day, he tweeted out how “THE WALL IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION RIGHT NOW!”

But the footage that was shared by Trump was actually work being done of the Santa Theresa Project Border Wall Replacement Project — which was a 20-mile stretch of pre-existing vehicle barriers to bolar-style fence.

Image via flickr

According to Brian Williams, MSNBC’s station affiliate in Albuquerque, NM, “immediately recognized the video from Santa Theresea, New Mexico and set us straight.”

“They said it’s replacement of existing fencing authorized by Congress back in 2017 and not the wall as we’ve come to know it,” Williams shared, saying “Daniel Dale of the Toronto Star, the official fact-checker in this area, told us in this very studio last week that no new wall construction is under way.”

“It’s a replacement project,” public affairs director for the Army Corps of Engineers’ South Pacific Division, Mike Peterson, shared with Task & Purpose. “I’ve been in this division for 12 years and we were doing border wall replacement work back then.”

Image via YouTube

And as you can imagine, folks had words….

….strong words. As in zero – positive ones.

“Dear #Trump‘sters: only a shameless pathological liar like your fake president could actually show you his own video of a little fence as he’s telling you it’s a “powerful wall.” He really thinks you’re all just a bunch of idiots…”

“Your wall is a metaphor for your penis. We don’t want to see it and you cannot get it up.”

“BEHOLD, this tiny little bit of pre-planned fencing that was already in the works but I shall claim credit for!”

“This isn’t “YOUR WALL.” They have been putting up physical barriers along the border and renovating them since 1990. Nice try in tricking your base to believe that you are upholding your promise.”

“BEHOLD how greatly I oversee the completion of that with which I had nothing to do!”

“That’s a fence (which was already scheduled) that can easily be climbed over. Is your base that stupid, or do you just think they are?”

Image via Wikimedia Commons

“In an age where we can use the Internet to look up and verify any information, it is truly astounding that there are human adults who believe the things this man says.”

“1) That’s not a wall, it’s a fence.

2) That’s just the replacement of existing fence.

3) Nothing new is being built.

4) You’re delusional.”

All very true statements, if I do say so myself.

And last but certainly not least, my favorite phrase:

“When is Mexico sending a check?”

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