Doctors warn woman who had seventeen abortions in six years scary truth about her future

After one young woman had 17 abortions in six years, she was told by doctors she may not ever be able to have babies in the future.

Allegedly, the woman’s womb was so damaged after all the procedures that her uterus lining was “as thin as a piece of paper,” according to a doctor at the Shiyan Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital in China.

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The patient — who is known by a pseudonym Xia Ju — has been in a six year relationship with her boyfriend but they do not use contraception, according to Shiyan Evening News.

The woman then claimed to the doctors how she was not ready to get married and was not able to raise a child.

She then made the decision to terminate all pregnancies, according to the report.

In China, any babies born out of wedlock will not be issued an ID, which means they will not be entitled to state benefits or the right to receive education.

Dr. Zhao Qin, head of gynecology at Shiyan Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital in Central China’s Hubei Province, Dr. Zhao Qin, said she had encouraged a pregnant Xiao Ju, when she visited the hospital again this month, to keep her child.

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Dr. Zhao Qin said that it may be her last chance at motherhood.

But the 27-year-old insisted on the procedure, which left Zhao and her colleagues no choice but to perform what was the patient’s 17th abortion in just six years.

Xiao Ju has visited the hospital so much that she doctors call her a “regular customer.”

Due to the lack of sex education at school, most young people in China know little about sexual health.

Close to 99 percent of Chinese adults are ill-informed on the topic, according to the leading Chinese sexologist Peng Xiaohui.

And close to 44 percent of Chinese university students are said to have no sex education at all.

Both Xiao Ju and her partner had reportedly have not used any contraception throughout their relationship.

Doctor Zhao realized how poor Xiao Ju’s physical condition was while examining her for her latest procedure.

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“I found her uterus lining to be critically thin, like a piece of paper, due to the repeated abortions she had had,” Zhao shared. “Her uterus was also badly scarred.”

Zhao said she encouraged the patient to keep her child, saying:

“If you don’t have to have this abortion, then keep this baby, because it may be very, very difficult for you to get pregnant again.”

But the patient replied that the she did not plan to get married and did not have the ability to raise a child — insisting an abortion was the best option.

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“It might’ve been her most precious child.” the doctor said.

According to NHS, having an abortion will not affect the patient’s odds of becoming pregnant in the future, although there potentially could be a “small risk” of fertility problems if she does develop a womb infection that is not treated right away.

But according to a 2012 study, having repeated abortions can raise the risk of life-threatening problems for future pregnancies.

The study was carried out with women in both England and Wales.

It was discovered that women who had three or more abortions were close to three times more likely to have a future baby early — even before 28 weeks in the womb as well as poor weight.

It was also found that those who had two abortions before their first child also had a higher chance of giving birth prematurely.

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