Trolls body shame Ariel Winter’s feet calling her “big foot,” Winter speaks out

Ariel Winters has been the subject of much criticism —- and seemingly without cause.

When she had curves, Winter was told she looked too provocative and now that she has lost weight — critics are saying that she is too skinny.

Image via Instagram

Winter says the latter was due to changing her anti-depressant.

So what is happening now?

The internet is body-shaming her feet.

Yes, we are in the year 2019 and people are still finding faults with issues they have no business in.

The 21-year-old shared a black-white-photo of her left, bare foot.

Like you do.

Image via Instagram

And due to angles and lighting —- the foot seems to be “too big” for some folk with snarky comments like:

“Have you ever seen Lord of The Rings?”

“Go go gadget foot!”


“T-REX kind of feet.”

“Maybe you can get foot reduction surgery.”

“You can grab corn through a picket fence with those boats.”

“You definitely got some [pterodactyl] feet. [It’s okay you] still cute tho.”

Image via Instagram

“Got some clod hoppers.”

But Winter’s fans fought back.

“As a former young lady who went through a similar time…my best advice to you is this…you are beautiful and you cannot let anyone bring you down. Mostly it’s fueled by jealously which in itself is very sad. Pity those who mock you and celebrate who you are…you are beautiful, funny and very successful. Please give the “haters” none of your time or energy. You can and should rise above…enjoy your life…youth goes soo fast. You have won when you are the best you that you can be. You have accomplished so much more than any of these haters. Stay strong Ariel.”

“Please, as a doctor and many years of examining the human form and function, her body parts are anatomically correct.”

“Why would all you people saying negative things about this girls feet? What makes you think this is okay? It’s not! I bet you you were all mean in school. And you think it’s still okay to body shame someone. You all need to find something better to do with your time than commenting on someone’s feet.”

Image via Instagram

“What a sad generation to post [so] much hate. Pose is perfect. She’s perfect. Her feet are perfect. People who make comments really need to grow up. Be ashamed of what you write. You all need to stop [bullying] and grow up. [It] takes a lot to post pictures of yourself knowing how much sick hateful people are out there. Grow up. Hopefully people wont talk bad things to your spouse or kids or siblings or parents or friends.”

“The angle of the camera can make your feet look bigger than they actually are.”

“I don’t know who you are. I hate feet. There is nothing wrong with your feet.”

While Winter is normally very quick to shame trolls — she responded in good spirits.

“I’m literally a 6.5 and people are commenting I have like men’s size 13 feet,” she commented.

We love you Ariel! Tell those haters to “step off!”

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