Camera captures deadly shark lurking feet beneath oblivious surfers

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Drone footage captured a large shark lurking beneath the water, just feet away from two surfers who were none the wiser of the big fish.

Photographer David Finlay says he was operating his drone camera at a Kiami beach in the south-eastern region of Australia this week when he first spotted the dark figure moving in the water.

In the video, the shark is seen swimming harrowingly close to a surfer whose feet are dangling in the water.

The surfer was awaiting the next wave while the shark started to swim toward him and another surfer.

Finlay is heard asking his acquaintance for a phone, presumably to warn surfers of the shark, before the short clip ends.

“These surfers were completely unaware there was a shark swimming directly beneath their feet,” Finlay said. “The surf lifesavers were notified there was a shark in the water.”

According to the Taronga Conservation Society Australia, there are on average 13 unprovoked shark attacks recorded in Australia per year in the last decade.

Last year, 17 shark attacks were unprovoked.

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