Budget better: 11 travel expenses that are always worth the splurge

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When it comes to travel, every little thing can add up — from the cost of transportation to lodging and food.

Before you know it, you could be spending way over what you had budgeted for before your trip is even completed.

Be it a domestic trip or an international excursion, it’s always better to make sure you’re putting your money towards things that will add to your travel experience.

Whether spending more money on these things ensures a better element of safety, convenience or memory in your travels, we guarantee you won’t regret putting a little extra money towards the things on this list instead of finding cheaper and quicker alternatives.

The ultimate list to add to your travel experience:

Comfortable walking shoes

Checking a bag

Health insurance

Accommodations in a central and convenient location

A data plan


GPS system/smartphone GPS or map app

Nonstop flights

One must-do, dream experience

Durable luggage

Local, handcrafted souvenirs

It’s been said that it’s better to invest in experiences rather than material things, and we couldn’t agree more – by investing in these material things, you’ll have the best travel experience possible.

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