Budget Better: 8 items you should always buy at the party store

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Most people don’t realize that the party store is also a prime place to shop for miscellaneous (yet party-related) items, like baking supplies, disposable décor and so much more.

While you could run to your grocery or drug store for most of these, you’ll more than likely end up spending more – plus, your selection will be so much more limited.

And to the surprise of many, there are things you can purchase at the party store year-round that’ll score you a pretty sweet deal.

Here are 8 items you should always buy at the party store:

#1: Bulk candy

#2: Out-of-season decorations

#3: Solid-colored balloons

#4: Cake stands

#5: Disposable tablecloths 

#6: ‘Thank You’ notes

#7: Candles

#8: Wigs

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