Viral poem written by 10-year-old on dyslexia can be read forwards and backwards

Dyslexia can make school as well as life, difficult for young students.

But one 10-year-old is raising awareness in the UK for people who struggle with the learning disability through a touching poem that can be read both forwards and backwards.

A sixth-grade teacher, Jane Broadis, works at Christ Church Chorleywood C of E School in Watford, United Kingdom.

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Jane recently requested her students work on poems that could be read forwards and backward.

And one student did just that with an original piece on dyslexia that has moved thousands.

The poem reads:

“I am stupid.

Nobody would ever say

I have a talent for words

I was meant to be great.

That is wrong

I am a failure.

Nobody could ever convince me to think that

I can make it in life.”

The teacher was so moved by the 10-year-old’s work that she shared the poem on Twitter, hoping to get her pupil published.

“Today in Y6 we looked at poems that could be read forwards & backwards. I was stunned by this one written by one of my 10 year olds. Please share – I would love her work to be appreciated further afield. I wonder if it could even find a publisher?”

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And the internet responded, with folks sharing their own personal struggles, saying:

“My 10 year old is dyslexic and he gets so frustrated worrying about spelling…. but he tells THE BEST STORIES and has an amazing imagination! We told him not to stress about the spelling, just get your story out!”

“Please tell her that I also have dyslexia. It wasn’t diagnosed until my daughter was, so for most of my life I didn’t know. Doctor was surprised I was an author.”

“I am dyslexic, I learn differently, I find some of the things my brain comes up with hilarious [stuff]. This young students poem is wonderful. Well done. Dyslexia doesn’t stop you doing anything. You just have to find a way around the [obstacle]. Side step it.”

“I am dyslexic. I thought I was stupid. I was called names because I couldn’t read like my peers. Eventually, I realized I am not dumb. I am different and I learn a different way. Hard times come but anyone with dyslexia is capable of ANYTHING. Wonderful poem from a strong kid.”

“Thanks. My second grade teacher threw a paper in my face and asked if I was stupid. My parents got me dyslexia training through the Shriners. Result: 2 college degrees and a 40 year career as a journalist/writer.”

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“Please tell the pupil ‘Hay!’ from a severely dyslexic adult with an English degree, a 7 year career as a social work assistant, and now a current Physiotherapy undergraduate. People only call us stupid because they fail to see how brilliant we are at so many different things.”

While others came out to support the young girl’s work:

“We can publish it in @First_News. Very inspiring for anyone struggling, and to promote understanding for those who find learning easier. Send your student my congratulations.”

“Jane, I am in the process of writing a book about dyslexic children and their families! I would love to include this poem in the book!”

It just goes to show you, if a 10-year-old can overcome her struggles, than so can you!

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