Man Spots Image Of Jesus Bursting Through Clouds

One man claims to have found Jesus in the sky — and let’s just say the photo may make you a believer.

Alfredo Lo Brutto from Agropoli, Italy, snapped a photo of Christ himself cutting through the murky clouds earlier in the month.

The sight looks a lot like Jesus reaching out his arms to the earth.

Alfredo shared how he had to share it with the world, saying:

“I was enchanted by the view. I don’t often share pictures on social media, but when I took this one, I instantly felt like I wanted other people to see it, because it was so beautiful.”

Pictured: Alfredo Lo Brutto
Image via Caters

One couple has claimed to have in their possession a receipt from a Wal-Mart that has the face of Christ printed on it.

Gentry Lee Sutherland along with Jacob Simmons had paid to develop 11 photos on June 12th, at a Wal-Mart store in Travelers Rest, South Carolina.

“People are going to believe what they want to believe,” said Sutherland.

“There’s tons of people who will say, ‘Oh, we’re in the Bible Belt,’ but here’s my question to the doubters, who else has the power to put their face on a check-out receipt but Jesus?”

It was not until three days after the pair paid for the photos that Sutherland as well as Simmons realized the two eyes and bushy beard along with hair that is now clearly evident when they view the receipt.

“When I got home, I laid the receipt for the film on the kitchen counter and three days later we went to church like we usually do on Wednesday night,” shared Sutherland.

Image via pxhere

That night at the College Park Worship Center in Berea, South Carolina — the Christian church the two both attend, the sermon was about intimacy with God.

“The message was getting to know God,” Sutherland shared. “The question they asked was, ‘Would you know Jesus if you saw him?'”

As soon as the service was over, the couple returned to Sutherland’s house to watch a movie.

“Right before we were about to start I noticed Jacob standing beside the counter. I said, ‘What’s wrong with you?'”

“He said, ‘Look at this receipt.’ I just looked at it and it looked kind of brown, and he said, ‘No, Look at it.’ So I took a second look and then I saw the face. The message we had just heard at church an hour before went through my mind.”

Image via

Sutherland, 21, who goes to North Greenville University and is currently engaged to Simmons, shares that she was initially terrified of the image.

“I always wondered why in the Bible when someone saw an angel they were afraid, but now I know,” she shared. “We’re human beings and we’re not used to seeing that kind of thing.

“We’re just sharing it with family and friends,” Sutherland continued. “To be honest, I’m just glad it’s gotten out this fast. It’s worldwide. We don’t know what we’re going to do with it. We’ll pray about it. For now, we’ll just share the love and blessing.”

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