The richest US presidents of all time

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Donald Trump has emerged as the No. 1 richest president of all time. Although his exact wealth is still in contention, Forbes estimated his fortune at approximately $3.5 billion in a recent analysis.

But how do all the rest of the U.S. presidents in history stack up? Adjusted for inflation, we compiled a ranking of their peak fortunes.

John F. Kennedy was unquestionably one of the wealthiest presidents overall, but his individual net worth was not actually the highest.

There’s been a long-standing controversy over JFK’s net worth. The financial empire built by his father, Joseph Kennedy, amounted to about $1 billion. However, JFK did not own this sum directly, as the gargantuan income and property was shared in a trust with the rest of his family.

It’s often contended that 35th president shouldn’t be classified as the richest American president of all time — although, had he lived, JFK would have inherited the $1 billion fortune from his father.

Several of the key Founding Fathers made the top ranks, but not all of America’s leaders had huge bank accounts. Harry S. Truman, William McKinley and Abraham Lincoln are among some of the poorer presidents.

So who landed in the top 10 wealthiest presidents of all time? Click through to find out!

10. Bill Clinton: $55 million

42nd President (1993-2001)

9. Franklin D. Roosevelt: $60 million

32nd President (1933-1945)

8. Herbert Clark Hoover: $75 million

31st President (1929-1933)

7. Lyndon Johnson: $98 million

36th President: (1963-1969)

6. James Madison: $101 million

4th President (1809-1817)

5. Andrew Jackson: $119 million

7th President (1829-1837)

4. Theodore Roosevelt: $125 million

26th President (1901-1909)

3. Thomas Jefferson: $212 million

3rd President (1801-1809)

2. George Washington: $525 million

1st President (1789-1797)

2.* John F. Kennedy: $1 billion 

35th President (1961-1963)

*Had he lived, JFK would have inherited $1 billion from his father. 

1. Donald Trump: $3.5 billion

45th President (2017-)

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