Pregnant Transgender man gives birth to healthy baby boy

Wyley Simpson, 28, from Texas, had been getting testosterone therapy and had yet to experience a menstrual period for some time when he discovered he was pregnant in February 2018.

It came as surprise to both Wyley and his fiancé Stephen Gaeth, 28, and at first — they did not feel ready for fatherhood.

But Wyley continued with his pregnancy, very often dealing with cruel comments and harsh judgements from strangers.

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Wyley shared:

“I was nervous. I was very emotional, I started crying. I didn’t know what to do.

I was already worried as this was my first pregnancy.

But I was also nervous because I had to deal with a lot of stigma behind me being a pregnant man.

Alongside receiving rude comments from other people, the pregnancy took a lot for me emotionally.”

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“Having gone through the transitioning process since I was 21 years old, having a physical baby bump was something so feminine that it messed with my head.

But it was all worth it to have Rowan and to become a father – I wouldn’t have changed a thing.”

Wyley gave birth to Rowan through an emergency C-section in September of 2018. Wyley still has female reproductive organs.

Six months later, both Wyley and Stephen are enjoying their new little family.

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Wyley said that the first few months with his son was amazing:

“Once my physical bump had disappeared and I was able to take my hormones again, I felt good about everything.

Myself and Stephan suddenly turned into a gay couple with a baby, as opposed to me being a pregnant man.

And Rowan is amazing, he made all of the mental and physical pain completely worth it.

Now myself and Stephan are just reveling in fatherhood and can’t wait to continue our journey as a family.”

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Wyley does not plan to carry another child moving forward and hopes to go through with a full transition at some point in the future.

“I am looking to fully transition in the future, so the likelihood of having another child naturally is unlikely.

It was a great feeling to be able to carry Rowan, feeling him kick and going to baby scans, but for me as a person, it isn’t something I can continue to do.

I don’t see myself as any less of a man because of what happened, but I just do not identify in such a feminine way as to be pregnant – so it won’t be happening again. But I am glad that I got to go through something as amazing and natural as birthing my own child, it’s definitely made mine and Rowan’s bond so much closer.”

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According to Verywellhealth, when it comes to Transgender couples: “….it’s important that people interested in transgender pregnancy know what is and isn’t possible. Discussions about fertility should be an important part of transition care.”

The site goes on to share how there is no one pathway to a successful parenthood journey or affirmed life, saying:

“It is important to note that people have very different priorities around balancing the urgency to transition with any desire to have children. Some people put pregnancy above all else. Others put transition first and foremost.”

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