In effort to cut waste, Kelloggs uses “upcycled” cornflakes to create beer

While shoppers continue to worry about the environmental impact of their purchases — companies have stepped up to find creative ways to minimize food waste.

One such company, is Kelloggs.

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The cereal company is making beer out of the cornflakes at their factories which would otherwise be waste products.

Created by Seven Bro7thers Brewery in Manchester, the “Throw Away IPA,” uses “upcycled” cornflakes which are either too big, too small or overcooked to go in a box of breakfast cereal as a proportion of the wheat grain which goes into the beer.

According to a spokesperson for Kelloggs, close to 30 percent of the grain content of the beer will be cornflakes, while 70 percent of it will be wheat.

It is then added during the “mash” process and reportedly, sweetens the taste.

The IPA is a “cornflake golden” color is also helping FareShare, a food distribution charity — as 10p (or 14.3 cents) from each can purchased will be donated to the cause.

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Kate Prince, Kellogg’s corporate social responsibility manager for the UK, said: “Kellogg’s is always exploring different and sustainable ways to reduce food waste in its factories. So it is great to be involved in such a fun initiative with a local supplier.

“Kellogg’s is working hard to eliminate food waste in our manufacturing processes and give our consumers the wholesome products they love with minimum impact on the planet. Our approach has delivered a 12.5 per cent reduction on food waste in our UK sites this year.”

Seven Brothers Brewery’s Alison Watson shared: “Seven Brothers Brewery is delighted to be working with Kellogg’s on a project which uses edible but not-sellable cereal.”

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“Kellogg recognizes that it has an important role to play in reducing food waste, and that includes finding uses for edible food that doesn’t make it into the cereal box. The cereal is perfectly safe to eat but the flakes might be too big, too small or broken so not good enough for our packs.

“We plan to create three beers including a Hoppy IPA which will be launched this month and sold in our Ancoats bar and the Dockyard, MediaCityUK.”

But Kelloggs is not the only company to be putting their waste to good use.

As most people are not sure how to store fresh bread, it is one of the most wasted household food items in the US, The Guardian reports.

Many breweries across the US as well as Europe are creating beer as well, like Toast Beer which is based in New York City.

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It works with the city’s best bakeries and uses up their surplus loaves.

Currently, Toast Beer is developing a new line of NYC-based brews through partnering with Bread Alone, which is a family-owned bakery that bakes exclusively with organic wheat.

It is very important to Toast that it does not take bread away from feeding people and it is only used for their beer products if there is no other way to redistribute said bread.

Well folks, let’s get that bread! Er, beer!

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