Bizarre products using trumps name

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If you’re a Trump supporter and looking for love, there’s a special place on the internet just for you. A new dating website recently popped up aiming to “make dating great again.” 

The site,, has unsurprisingly gained tons of attention due to its name and targeted audience — but it isn’t the only product that has used the contentious president’s moniker as a means for revenue. 

Check out some of the bizarre Trump products:

Bag of Trump Hair| 3oz of Cotton Candy – $10.95

Collectible President Donald Trump Troll Doll – Hair to the Chief — $10.25

Chia Donald Trump Freedom of Choice Pottery Planter — $19.99

Tiny Hand Back Scratcher — $10.99

Trump Toilet Paper — $1.50

Donald Trump Gold Coin 2017, Gold Plated Collectable Coin — $9.95

Mr. President Donald Trump Pinata, 32″ — $57.97

Donald Trump Talking Figure, Says 17 Different Audio Lines In President Trump’s Own Voice — $21.95

TRUMPisms 2018 Day-to-Day Calendar — $3.74


Trumpy Bear

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