4 reasons why cats are good for you

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If you’re looking for a pet to have around the house, you may want to invest in a furry feline.

Cats are scientifically known to improve your health and well being.

In a case study, conducted by Cats protection, 87% of cat owners felt that their cat has improved their mental health.

1. A cat’s purr can heal your bones and muscles

The sound of a cat’s purr has been long associated with the therapeutic ability to improve your physical well-being

2. Cats can improve your dating life

Research conducted by pet researcher Dr. June Nicolls found that women were more likely to be attracted to men with pets. Studies show that a man with a pet had nicer and caring attributes than men without one.

3. Cats can help you battle infections

Studies prove dogs and cats that are in contact with children within the first few years of life, can toughen up their immune system.

4. Cats help people socialize

Cats were found to increase social interaction with people who have autism. A child’s sense of attachment and assertiveness improved by staying in contact with the furry feline.

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