After her teeth snapped off, this vegan ditches plant-based diet for bone marrow

After watching shocking videos made by animal rights campaigners, Alma-Jade has followed a very strict and committed ethical vegan diet since she was only 13-years-old.

But after facing a slew of medical issues due to her lifestyle choice, like her teeth snapping in two, she now consumes up to 4.5 pounds of animal muscles, organs and bone marrow per day.

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A former vegan pal had first introduced Alma-Jade to veganism when she shared with her The Carnivore Diet.

Alma Jade — who is now a masters student in Holland at Wageningen University, said:

“I was completely sucked into the narrative of veganism and bought it all entirely.”

“But it was making me so ill and eventually I realized that I couldn’t carry on because it was killing me. Within just a week of going carnivore I felt amazing, and for the first time in a long time my body was free of pain.”

Alma-Jade took her veganism so seriously that at age 14, she became a raw vegan.

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Being a raw vegan translates to a person who only consumes raw fruit and vegetables.

But she shared how being vegan led to such an adverse effect on her well, being that she lost 22 pounds.

As Alma-Jade’s parents were concerned, they took her to see a doctor who warned her that her diet lacked vital vitamins and minerals — insisting that, if she continued on her path, there would be long-term implications of her body.

But instead of listening to the sage advice, she attempted fasting as well as juice diets — believing she could remain vegan all the while curing herself.

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“I was so dogmatic and hard-headed that I didn’t listen to what anyone was telling me, just putting all my faith into the supposed health benefits of veganism.” she shared.

But after a full year of going full, raw vegan — she had stopped menstruating due to lack of essential nutrients and her nails were covered in deep ridges due to calcium deficiency.

She continued: “My teeth were also in a terrible state, from the combination of having so much sugar from the fruit and not enough calcium. I went to the dentist and my front tooth literally snapped in half, because the enamel had been so badly worn away. He asked me, ‘Are you drinking fizzy drinks for breakfast?’.”

She then discovered the reason behind her poor health, which was linked to her diet. She was diagnosed in 2013 with the autoimmune condition which affects the thyroid, Graves’ disease.

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Fast forward a few month once her body adjusted to breaking down animal muscle and Alma-Jade soon became an omnivore, eating meat, fish as well as vegetables.

“My thyroid and metabolism improved and symptoms like hair thinning and joint pain got better,” she said. “But I’d still have flare ups of my old symptoms like joint pain and fatigue, so I was still pretty unstable.”

After eating two meals a day for a year — she mixes animal muscle meals like steak along with dishes of liver, heart and brain. She also includes animal fat as well as bone marrow. She insists that animal products give her all the necessary minerals needed to remain healthy, saying:

“Organ meat is very dense in nutrients and can provide you with everything you need – even vitamin C – and I get calcium from making bone broths. I really love brain, though, which has quite a mild and fluffy taste to it. I know people get a bit freaked out by that, but I just think if you’re going to kill an animal, you can at least be polite enough to eat the whole thing. I know it is extreme, but it is the most balanced I have ever felt.”

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“I totally agree with vegans that industrial farming is wrong. That’s why I never buy anything from supermarkets and get all my meat either from a butcher or from the local farmer. But just quitting meat entirely seems to me to be throwing the baby out with the bath water now.”

“Spending so many years waking up in pain each morning doesn’t give you much hope in life, but this way of eating changed my life – and possibly even saved it.”

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